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We have introduced our new Enquiry question: ‘Where would you like to explore?’ To help us with this we went on a scavenger hunt using a map of the school. We found different clues and then plotted them onto our map. Back in the classroom; we discussed who and what were the images on the clues and watched an exploring video. We came up with lots of wondering questions that we would like to learn about for our Enquiry question such as Who was Christopher Columbus?

Year 1 have had a very busy Autumn Term. We had two DT afternoons where we made our own celebration sandwiches. At first we investigated becoming food tasters to see which ingredients we liked to then design and plan our own sandwich. The next afternoon we followed our plans and made them. We were all so proud of ourselves cutting and spreading and being completely independent!

We have also been for two walks around Queens Park. We went to search for the Troll that lives under the bridge, luckily we didn’t find him. We also went for a walk to look at all the signs of Autumn for our Science topic about Seasonal Changes.

We have also been on a few walks outside of the school. After Remembrance Sunday, we visited the Cenotaph and looked at and talked about the poppies and wreaths.

In October, we had an Art day where we practiced using pastels to create straight and curvy lines of various thicknesses and dots. We then used these skills to create pictures of fireworks. We have looked at different ways to celebrate and we decided fireworks was part of a good celebration!