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Reception News and Whole Year Events

The children in Reception had an exciting afternoon on Tuesday! Davina from our local fire station came to visit to talk to them about fire safety. She brought some fire fighter clothes for them to try on, and explained what each different piece of clothing was for. Then, they pretended they were fire fighters and acted out going in their fire engines to the place where the fire was, and putting the fire out. The children then played a game called Safe to play or stay away where Davina showed them pictures of different things such as matches, kettles, teddy bears and the children had to say whether they were safe to play or whether to stay away. They listened to the sound a smoke alarm makes, and checked to see if there was one in our classroom. Davina very kindly let us borrow some firefighter dressing up clothes and hoses so the children could carry on their learning throughout the week. They thoroughly enjoyed it and have learned a lot.