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Holy Rood

Catholic Primary School

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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!

Head Teacher Miss N Fry    

Assistant Head


Miss H Thomas    
Class Teachers Miss L Warren EYFS Class Teacher 

Foundation Stage Lead

  Mrs C Beresford EYFS Class Teacher  
  Miss G Vallis EYFS Class Teacher  
  Miss C Evans EYFS Class Teacher  
  Mrs E Kitchen Year 1 Class Teacher  
  Miss N Halliwell Year 1 Class Teacher  
  Miss J Law Year 2 Class Teacher KS1 Lead
  Miss V Glennon

Year 2 Class Teacher

  Miss N Ali Year 3 Class Teacher  
  Miss R Kent Year 3 Class Teacher  
  Mrs N Eden Year 4 Class Teacher Lower KS 2 Lead 
  Mrs C Hopkins Year 4 Class Teacher  
  Mrs K Forsythe Year 4 Class Teacher  
  Miss S Rofe Year 5 Class Teacher  
  Miss E Masi Year 5 Class Teacher  
  Miss L Clark Year 6 Teacher  
  Mr C Westman Year 6 Teacher  
  Mrs Peart Year 6 Teacher  
SENCO Mrs J Beard    
Pastoral Lead Mrs R Harrison    
Teaching Assistants Mrs A Ashdown MDSA  
  Mrs N Bartoszewska HLTA  
  Mrs S Blackwell MDSA  
  Mrs L Cullingford HLTA  
  Mrs R Fernandes MDSA  
  Mrs C Finnell HLTA  
  Mrs C Gage

Specialist Behaviour TA

  Mrs L Garrett MDSA  
  Ms D Harries MDSA  
  Mrs G Italiano MDSA  
  Miss R Kelly

Special Educational Needs TA

  Mrs L Kirby MDSA  
  Mrs C Knox MDSA  
  Mrs A Luszcz MDSA  
  Mrs A Masi MDSA  
  Mrs J Michienzi MDSA  
  Mrs L Newell MDSA  
  Mrs D Pajak HLTA  
  Mrs I Tarkowska HLTA  
  Mrs S Trinci HLTA  
  Mrs J Viola    


Administration Staff

Mrs R Deighton

School Business Manager

  Mrs C Toop-Rose Office Manager  
  Mrs K Doyle    
  Mrs L Howcroft    
  Mrs S Karpinski    
  Mrs R Lepore    
MDSA's Mrs L Borges    
  Mrs E D'Souza    
  Mrs C Fernandes Cleaner  
  Mrs S Goncalves    
  Mrs L Gonsalves Cleaner  
  Mr V Machado    
  Mrs G Matzak    
  Mrs W Pike    
Premises and Cleaning  Mrs L Kearns Caretaker  
  Mrs E Carter-Selwood   Cleaner in Charge  
  Miss L Goddard    
  Mrs C Marcarella    
  Mrs M O'Donnell