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Our Science Vision

At Holy Rood Catholic Primary School, we understand how important science is in everyday life and we are committed to growing our children’s science capital. We want all pupils at Holy Rood to have the opportunity to be exposed to first-hand experiences that allow them to develop their scientific skills, knowledge and overall appreciation and understanding of the world around them.

To achieve this, we encourage and nurture our pupil’s natural excitement and curiosity through appropriate stimulus, exploration and questioning which is embedded in lessons with a focus on rich, well-modelled scientific vocabulary and concepts. We strongly believe that the quality of language that children are exposed to is a fundamental factor to them developing their scientific vocabulary and articulating their scientific thoughts and findings in a clear and concise manner.

 Within this environment, we believe that all children are capable of achieving their full potential within science. We teach to ensure pupil’s understanding is deep and secure allowing them to become inquisitive life-long learners, who can confidently question and investigate the world around them.