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Dear Parents/Carers,


Please find below a letter outlining Holy Rood's new Relationship, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) curriculum. The statutory requirements for children have changed this year and this is an opportunity for us to consult with parents on how we are approaching these changes as a school. This area of the curriculum is vitally important and has never been more relevant than it is in the current climate.


As part of this consultation process, we would like to ask you to listen to the PowerPoint presentation that we have prepared and then complete the form to show your awareness and understanding of the changes (the links to both the PowerPoint and the form can be found within the attached letter).  This is your time to share your views so that we can ensure that we are best meeting the needs of the children at Holy Rood. The RSHE policy has also been attached for you to read if you wish to do so.


Many thanks for your continued support

Mrs Vallis

Our School Values


R.E. is a core subject at Holy Rood Catholic Primary School.  We follow the God Matter's scheme of work which comprises 10 units.  These 10 units are taught annually in every year group but the focus and content is different thus ensuring continuity and progression from Reception to Y6. The units taught are listed below in the order that we teach them except for the unit on Sacraments - this can be taught at any time over the liturgical year. 

Autumn term: 

  • Creation - Children learn about about the creation story and developing this learning to explore why we should look after God's creation
  • Prayer, Saints and Feasts - Children explore our relationship with God and how we celebrate our Saints.
  • Advent - Children think about how we prepare for the waiting of Jesus' birth
  • Christmas - Children look at the story of Christmas and what it means to us.

Spring term:

  • Sacraments - Children develop an understanding of each of the 7 sacraments within the Catholic Faith.
  • Lent - Children develop an understanding of how we prepare for Jesus' death.
  • Holy Week-  Children explore each of the different stages of Holy Week and empathise with Jesus' and the disciples feelings throughout this time.

Summer term

  • Easter - Children are given the opportunities to explore the sacrifice Jesus and God made at this time.
  • Pentecost - Children will learn about how Jesus sent the gift of the Holy Spirit to the disciples after his Ascension to heaven, held on the seventh Sunday after Easter.
  • Revelation - Children develop their knowledge of how we should follow God's laws and how we are waiting for Jesus to come again.
  • Journey in love- this is a recommended programme of study for Catholic schools for Sex and Relationship Education, and has been written as a progressive scheme of work that supports the Religious Education, PSHE and Science curriculum taught within the school.


During His life on earth, Jesus showed respect for those within and outside His own faith community. This encourages Christians to do likewise. The Church calls us to be committed to respecting people of other religions and to recognise that God is at work in them.  To celebrate and embrace other religions such as,  Judaism, Hinduism and Sikhism are taught throughout the school within each year group.  Progression can be seen through the topics that are covered in each year group.

Education for Personal Relationships Programme: Life to the Full

Curriculum Overview for Religious Education, based on the God Matters Scheme of Work

As a school we believe that Christian worship in a Catholic school is concerned with giving glory, honour, praise and thanks to God. Religious Education of our children not only imparts knowledge as they learn about their Faith, but also deepens their relationship and friendship with God. This is done through deepening prayer in many different forms such as song, role play, music art and dance. The children have many opportunities to pray and as a school we deliver worship on the following days:

Monday – Class collective worship

Tuesday – Hymn practise

Wednesday- Whole school liturgy

Thursday – Children’s Mass

Friday – Whole school celebration

Parents/carers have the right to withdraw their children from RE lessons and Collective Acts of Worship.