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  RE Curriculum Intent


At Holy Rood Catholic Primary School we recognise and value every individual as special and unique in the image and likeness of God. Religious Education at Holy Rood respects and promotes each child’s innate capacity for awe, wonder, reverence and spirituality. It is our intention that children at Holy Rood Catholic Primary School will enjoy their RE lessons and allow them to feel a sense of belonging to our school community. Through Religious Education our children learn about their unique place within the home, school and parish community. Central to our ethos are the opportunities for prayer and worship which lie at the heart of our faith. We will promote and encourage these at every level, together with the skills and attitudes necessary to live out the God’s message in today’s world. All lessons will be places where everyone is respected for their beliefs and expressions of faith, but where ultimately, they all achieve. These intentions fall in line with our school mission for children to belong, learn and achieve.



Religious Education is a core subject and we follow the diocesan ‘God Matters’ scheme of work enabling all children to develop their knowledge and understanding of Catholic faith and life, how this can be taken into their own lives whilst evaluating and analysing religious beliefs and practice.

Each year group will explore ten units over the year.  These units are progressive, building on previous knowledge and experience whilst taking into account of the children’s age and understanding. The scheme of work is fully aligned to Religious Education Curriculum Directory and it ensures consistency and progress of all children.

The learning objective is shared in every RE lesson and tasks/activities are set to allow children to achieve these objectives whilst providing challenges to deepen their understanding and faith. High quality teaching responds to the needs of children.  Teachers follow the school marking policy and will use key driver words to consolidate, check and challenge learning when necessary. During RE lessons, children will use of a variety of sources such as religious stories, scripture, religious artwork, songs, music, dance and religious signs and symbols. When possible, children will participate in Mass, Feast Days and weekly Prayer and Liturgy which will be led by children.

The Subject Leaders for RE will evaluate provision in order to ensure that teaching and learning in RE is consistent and of a high standard and where necessary, staff will receive CDP and training in RE.



The children at Holy Rood Catholic Primary School are happy learners within RE.  They experience a wide-ranging number of learning challenges in RE and know appropriate responses to them. Children of all abilities and backgrounds achieve well in RE, reflected in good progress that reveals a clear learning journey.  The children grow to know and love God, develop their moral and spiritual nature and deepen their faith.

Children will talk positively about their learning in RE and are eager to further their learning in the next stages of their education. Gospel values and British Values are evident in RE and children understand how RE can celebrate difference.

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