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Here at Holy Rood we use a variety of strategies and support to provide the best possible provision for all our pupils, including those with SEND.


Following the Assess, Plan, Do, Review Process we identify need for individual children and provide tailored educational support. This may be in the form of 1 to 1 or small group support; additional resources that support independent work within the classroom; support from adults within the classroom during lessons or additional interventions that focus of key areas of need.


Below is a list outlining our ‘Top 5’ interventions that we use across the school to support those children with SEND need, or indeed those children that may require additional support in order for them to maintain good progress. We also have many other additional strategies, resources and interventions that our staff use across the school to support children with individualised needs.


Class teachers and teaching assistants, with support from the SENDCo, plan, implement and review any additional support in place to ensure the best possible provision is made to maintain the progress of individuals.

Same Day Interventions

This is rapid response to children's individual needs carried out by the class teacher and/or the teaching assistant on the same day. Staff use daily 'Assessment for Learning' to help identify children's needs and put support in place quickly and effectively. It allows children to:

•    Access the current days learning (pre teaching).
•    Access the following days learning (post teaching).
•    ‘Keeping up not catching up’.

Phonics Packs

This is an early intervention to support children who have not retained or missed out on Phonics teaching. Children work through the school 'Phonics Road Map' with the support of adults in small groups or as individuals in order to learn the phonics skills necessary to support early reading. 
•    Regular progress check to closely assess and monitor progress.
•    It’s quick and easy!
•    To develop fluency and automaticity.
•    Repetition leads to consolidation.
•    A focus on small ‘bites’ of information.
•    Follows Letters and Sounds.

Project X Code

This is our main reading intervention that supports those readers finding it hard to apply their phonics skills to their reading. It is an engaging and motivating series of books that progress through different levels of reading ability to support both phonic knowledge and comprehension skills. It helps to:

•    Combine phonics and comprehension.

•    Accelerate readers’ progress.
•    Introduce, revisit, practice and apply phonics.
•    Identify common exception words/tricky words.
•    Develop comprehension skills.

Number Stacks

This is our main intervention for mathematical concepts. It can be used across the school to support those children missing key concepts in maths such as number and place value. It is made up of engaging video tutorials that teach core concepts and skills, giving time for children to practice and apply their skills with the support of an adult. It helps to:

•    Model expectations and key concepts using apparatus.
•    Practice and apply skills through visual and kinaesthetic learning.

Nurture and Emotional Literacy

Emotional Literacy and Nurture.

At Holy Rood, we have a Pastoral Lead and Teaching Assistants that support children with their Emotional Literacy; through 1 to 1 and small group activities these sessions help to support children that may be struggling with any of these areas:

  • Self-esteem
  • Friendship
  • Social skills
  • Loss/bereavement
  • Resilience
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Illness

This ensures that the emotional needs of children are met in to enable them to learn and achieve successfully.