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Phase 5

What is Phase 5?

During Phase 5 children will learn some new graphemes for reading. They will also be taught alternative pronunciations for known graphemes. For example, they have already learned ow as in cow and will now learn ow as in blow. In addition to this, they will learn alternative spellings for known phonemes. For example, the sound 'igh' has been learned as the grapheme igh as in ‘night’, but can also be represented using yie, and i-e as in 'cry' 'tie' and 'like'.


New Graphemes for Reading
ay – day, play, crayon
ou – cloud, sound, about
ie – pie, tie, cried
ea – sea, meat, read
oy – toy, enjoy, boy
ir – bird, shirt, first
ue – blue, true, glue
aw – paw, claw, yawn
wh – wheel, whisper, when
ph – photo, dolphin, alphabet
ew – new, crew, flew
oe – toe, foe, tomatoes
au – Paul, launch, haul





Split Vowel Digraphs

a-e – make, game, snake
e-e – these, Eve, extreme
i-e – like, time, slide
o-e – home, bone, pole
u-e – rule, June, flute














Phase 5 Tricky Words
oh, their, people, Mr, Mrs, looked, called, asked, could