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At Holy Rood, every child is a chaplain! To help support adults, we have a dedicated Chaplaincy lead team made up of children from Key Stage 2, who all take an active role in supporting and promoting the Catholic life of the school.  All children are given the opportunity to join the team through an application process. Our Chaplaincy team are then commissioned during a special ceremony, where they receive their Chaplaincy badge and contract from Bishop Declan at Clifton Cathedral. The children are enthusiastic and take pride when carrying out their many roles and responsibilities.  During weekly Chaplaincy club, the team are able to come together to discuss what they would like to do in the coming weeks to strengthen mission, deepen prayer and enable communion.

We are all Chaplains at Holy Rood but we have a small dedicated team of leaders who help to support the school.

Samuel Partnership Stations of the Cross 20th March 2024


Tuesday 11th November 2023
Our Chaplaincy team met with Holy Rood's School Councillors today to discuss the tragic events which are currently going on in the world. They realised that unfortunately, there are families suffering in Palestine and Israel, and decided that as children of God, it is imperative that we come together and help God's world. They came up with a brilliant idea - raising money for the families currently suffering in Palestine and Israel. Posters were created to inform the rest of the children that we will be having a non-school uniform day in exchange for monetary donations! 



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Still image for this video