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Key Stage 1

In term 2, Year 1 have made their own healthy sandwich for a celebration in DT. They tasted different ingredients and discussed which ones were healthy and what they liked best before designing their own sandwich. They evaluated their sandwich too before eating it all up!


In term 4, Year 1 made their own toys linking to their topic about the past. They chose whether to make toys with levers or sliders. 

In term 2, Year 2 made castles focusing on their topic; 'Is the past the key to the future?'. They used their previous science knowledge to know what materials would be good to use to build the castles. They looked at the features of a castle and then used the vocabulary strong, stiff and stable when making them. 


In term 4, Year 2 also made planes using wheels and axles when looking at the topic, 'Are all journeys significant?'.