Holy Rood Catholic Primary School


This term, we are learning about the Aztecs to help us answer our big question- Is the past the key to the future? We started by looking at some of the Aztec Totem Poles and the meanings each of the animals. The Aztecs believed we could have up to nine different animals that act as spirit guides in our lives. So, in teams, we worked to make our own totem poles and identify one of our own power animals to contribute to the tribe’s totem pole.

Later in the term, we got to go to Chick School! After watching the chicks hatch, on the Groundwell Road site via Chick Cam, we were lucky enough to get to hold these 5-day-old chicks. They were very cute! Some of us definitely had the magic touch with many of the chicks falling asleep in our hands!

This term, we have been looking at answering our big question – What makes our world wonderful? We started by exploring some of the causes of extreme weather in the world and how we as humans can create buildings to minimise the damage when mother nature unleashes her power! We spent the afternoon working as architects to build earthquake proof structures (out of marshmallows and straws) before putting them through their paces in a simulated earthquake (jelly).

This term, year 5 have been studying the earth and space. Last week, the children where looking at moon phases and how it happens. To study different moon phases, the children used oreo cookies. They had a great time eating them after!