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World Book Day

Please can we add these with the writing: In science, we have been learning about different types of soil. We experimented with clay soil and loam soil to see which soil would let the most water through. We used the word permeable and decided as a class how to carry out a fair test.

As our school trip was postponed on Friday, we did some activities focussing on reading. We all made origami bookmarks and decorated them and then we discussed who our favourite authors were and what books we enjoyed. We used the books and iPads to draw out these authors and books.

This term, our topic is 'How active is our planet?' We have been looking at rocks, soils and fossils in our science lesson. To understand the 3 different types of rocks; we had a go at making our own chocolate rocks. Igneous: we melted chocolate so we had runny chocolate that would harden. Sedimentary rocks: we grated the solid chocolate into tiny pieces. Metamorphic rock: we melted marshmallow and chocolate so it became hard and squishy and mouldable.