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On Thursday, we made the different phases of the moon. Luckily, this meant we got to eat some Oreos too!

Making Ice Cream! We learnt about the changes of state in science recently by making our very own ice cream! We had to work hard to shake all the ingredients together and were very pleased with the results - it was delicious!

Earthquakes! We have been looking at our wonderful world in enquiry this term and started to think about what causes bad weather and earthquakes. We looked at a study of Haiti and thought about how we could design and create houses that would withstand the force of an earthquake. We then put our theories to the test by building structures out of straws and marshmallows before testing them on jelly to see how strong they were!

Science – Making Boats! Our topic in science this term is materials and we have been thinking about the different properties materials can have. We then put our knowledge to the test by creating our own boats! We had a range of materials and had to choose the ones we thought would be the most suitable for the job.

Potion Pots! We really enjoyed ourselves recently when we spent a day designing and making our own potion pots out of clay. We used coils to form our pots and practised smoothing the coils together to make sure they didn’t break when they dried!

The Egg Drop Challenge! Our science topic this term is forces. We have been investigating the effects of air resistance by thinking about how we could drop an egg on the floor without it breaking. We had to think carefully about the design and how to create a parachute that would slow the egg down. We had a great time completing this challenge!