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We had a lovely time on our school trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park. We saw lots of different animals and enjoyed learning about their habitats.

Part of our Holy Rood 42 was to learn to tie our shoe laces. Last week we wore our trainers to school so we could give it a go! We read through some instructions learning about "bunny ears" and we persevered even though it was a bit tricky. Well done Hedgehogs!

In art we looked at the artist David Shepherd and he inspired us with our art pieces. We used crayons to make the pattern on our animals using dots or thick or thin lines. We then learnt about cold and warm colours to create our backgrounds using watercolours.

Hedgehogs had a brilliant trip to meet the firefighters as part of one of their Holy Rood 42 experiences. The Firefighters taught us all about fire safety. They also showed all the important equipment on the fire truck and let the children have a go at spraying the hoses. It was great fun!

In art we have been drawing a hot air balloon inspired by the artist Mondrian; this links to our Enquiry question - are all journeys significant? We looked at the Montgolfier brothers and how the first hot air balloon was invented. We were then inspired by Mondrian and his abstract paintings, we used primary colours to draw our pattern inside the hot air balloon with crayons. We finished creating by using chalk to blend a lovely sunset background.

This week all the children in EYFS and Key Stage 1 took to the stage in Holy Rood Church for our Christmas Performance, telling the story of the very first Christmas - the birth of Jesus. Hedgehogs class all dressed up as stars. The children worked very hard learning all the songs and actions ready to perform to their parents. They all impressed everyone with their beautiful singing and excellent behaviour! Well done Hedgehogs!

We wanted to find out what would be the best suitable material for a spoon for our cup of tea. We decided we would need to test to find out the answer. We used 4 materials: wood, plastic, foil and fabric. We carried out the test and thought of some good words to describe the materials; some were bendy, flexible, absorbent, rigid, strong, waterproof. After the test, we decided the best materials were wood and plastic.

Our Enquiry learning this term has been all about the Great Fire of London in our term wondering - Is the past the key to the future? We were inspired looking at other collages and how they were created using layering and texturing of warm colours. We then practised using the tissue paper, crepe paper and card to tear to create the effect. We then created our own collage and used black paper for a silhouette of the houses.

In Science, we have been investigating how materials are used. We went on a hunt around the school to find different materials. We had clues using different descriptions and properties and we had to guess what the material was from this clue.

We visited Father Thomas in Church so he could talk to us about the role of the reader in Mass and discuss some of the responses we may hear. We know that the Bible is made up of two parts: The Old Testament and The New Testament. Father Thomas told us all about the special books he reads from: The Bible, The Lectionary and The Gospel. He told us how a reader has to be clear and confident to proclaim the Word of God so everyone in church can hear the Word of the Lord.