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Year 5 House Points

Friday 10th July 2020


Happy Friday everyone!

The scores are in...


In joint 3rd place this week we have Seacole and Fisher with 60 house points each!

In 2nd place we have Mendel with 63 house points!


And in first place with a brilliant 67 house points is MORE!


Well done everyone! Have a fantastic weekend! laugh


Friday 3rd June 2020


Drum rolllllll please for the house point total...


In fourth place this week we have MORE with 54 house points!

In third place we have SEACOLE with 61 house points!

In second place we have MENDEL with 63 house points!


Which means that in first place we have FISHER with a fantastic 68 house points!


Have a well deserved break this weekend Year 5! laugh


Friday 26th June House Points


The scores are in.......


In third place with 56 house points is SEACOLE

In second place with 58 house points is MENDEL


...And this week, for the first time, we have joint winners:


FISHER and MORE with 61 house points each! 


Well done everyone! Enjoy your weekend - you deserve a rest after all your hard work this week! laugh

19th June House Points


We've reached another FriYAY Year 5!laugh Well done for all of your hard work this week!


The scores are in.... *drum roll please*


In fourth place with a fantastic 52 house points is... Mendel!

In third place with a brilliant 53 house points is... More!

In second place with an amazing 56 house points is... Seacole!


Which means in first place we have FISHER with 58 house points! laugh


12th June House Points


This week we have a joint third place with Fisher and Mendel both at 46 house points each!

In second place is Seacole with 48 house points!


Which means the winning house for this week is...


More with 51 house points! 

Well done everybody! laugh


Week 8 House Points


It's been another close one this week Year 5!


Mendel have a super 39 house points!

Fisher have a brilliant 43 house points!

Seacole have an awesome 46 house points!


Which means, for the first time...


More have taken the lead with 48 house points! laugh


Week 7 House Points


Year 5, we are so proud of how many house points you have managed to earn over this term - they are all so well deserved as you have all worked so hard! laugh


The scores this week have been the closest ever! They are all one house point apart - this means that every single house point you were given mattered more than ever! laugh


In fourth place with 49 house points is MENDEL

In third place with 50 house points is FISHER

In second place with 51 house points is MORE


Which means in first place we have SEACOLE with an amazing 52 house points!



Week 6 House Points


It's a close one again this week!


In fourth place with 59 house points is SEACOLE

In third place with 68 house points is MORE

In second place with 70 house points is FISHER


Which means in first place we have MENDEL with an amazing 74 house points!


Well done to everyone! You have managed to earn an incredible amount of house points this week! laugh


It's that time again!

The scores have been SO close this week! laugh


In 4th place with a brilliant 50 house points is MORE

In 3rd place with a super 51 house points is SEACOLE

In 2nd place with a fabulous 52 house points is FISHER


which means....


IN 1ST PLACE IS MENDEL with an amazing 53 house points!



As you know, we have been awarding house points this week!


It is 3:30pm on Friday 1st May and we have counted all the scores for this week...

If you were awarded 5 house points for your MyMaths, you will see this on your feedback! smiley

If for any reason, you think you should have got 5 house points for your MyMaths but didn't, it could be that you didn't properly submit a piece work so please make sure you click 'mark it' at the end. laugh


In 4th place, with a very respectable 36 house points... MORE

In 3rd place, with a brilliant 49 house points... SEACOLE

In 2nd place, with a super 52 house points... MENDEL


Which means, in 1st place, with an amazing 63 house points is...






Well done everyone and remember, there is lots of time to catch up! laugh