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Weekly Achievements

Fantastic Friday work! Well done for all of your amazing home learning Pumas and Leopards...

Terrific Thursday Work!

Marvellous Monday!

Zoom Thursday!

Marvellous Monday!

Even More Fantastic Friday Work!

Terrific Thursday!

Times Tables Rockstar Certificates.

Thumbs up Thursday!

Tiffany's Super Science!

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Jayden's Super Science Experiment!

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Successful Self-Inflating Balloon Experiment by Amber!

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Philip's Superb Science Experiment!

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Terrific Tuesday!

Travis' super Scratch creation!

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Dear Mrs Eden from Bernice

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Neshwin's fantastic firework science experiment!

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Zack's brilliant boat - made using recycled materials!

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A great piece of work using Scratch - well done!

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Wednesday 10th June 2020 - Celebrating all of Year 4's hard work...including some birthday celebrations

Hello Mrs Eden from Amber

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Wednesday 10th June - Wonderful Work!

Tuesday 9th June - Fantastic Effort!

Bernice's Firework Experiment.

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Bernice's Super Science!

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Amber's Lava Lamp Experiment Video Demonstration!

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Neshwin's Lava Lamp!

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Thursday's Wonderful Work!

Watch Noshval's balloon rocket go!

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Noshval's Lava Lamp!

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Lena's Lava Lamp!

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Wednesday 3rd June 2020 - Keep up the fantastic effort!

Tuesday 2nd June 2020 - Brilliant work!

Friday 22nd May - Happy Half Term and thank you for all your hard work.

Wednesday 20th May 2020 - Lovely to see you all working so hard.

Tuesday 19th May 2020 - We are really enjoying reading your Haiku poems today - Thank you!

Friday 15th May 2020 - Lots of work coming into us today - we are very impressed by your effort everyone! Well done!

Tiffany and her amazing street dance. Tiffany asks "What hobbies do you have?" We'd love to know.

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Thursday 14th May - SPaG, Maths, Science and ICT - A busy morning everyone!

Wednesday 13th May - thank you for sending in your photos of your work this morning.

Naet's super letter for the "Care Mail Initiative". This letter will be sent to a shielding, elderly person to cheer them up. Lovely idea!

Tuesday 12th May 2020 - Lots of creative work today. Well done!

Happy birthday to Amber who turns 9 today - have a magical day!

Monday 11th May 2020 - Lots of Maths being completed this morning - well done!

Philip never disappoints with his amazing videos of his work - this is great stuff Philip!

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VE Day - Luca's Grandad Ken who fought in WWII. Grandad Ken was in Italy on VE Day and celebrated the end of the war on the beach! Thank you for sharing these photos Luca.

Thursday 7th May 2020 - Fantastic photos coming in this morning. Well done everyone.

Wednesday 6th May 2020 - Thank you year 4 for all of your wonderful work! You've been working so hard...the science experiment seemed to surprise most of you by looking at your predictions. There will be a new experiment next week which we're sure you will LOVE! Tomorrow we will be asking to see your English writing :-) For now, enjoy the sunshine and we will talk tomorrow!

An excellent video showing this weeks Science experiment, well done Amber!

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Tuesday 5th May - Well done everyone...working hard!

Monday May 4th 2020 - Lots of hard work going on today - well done!

Shania's Rainforest Presentation - Well done!

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Jamie's Fantastic Rainforest Writing

Friday 1st May - Thank you to all the children that have sent in their work today - we enjoy looking at your home learning activities.

Thursday 30th April 2020 - Another rainy day but your photos are making the day shiny and bright! Thank you for all your hard work.

Wednesday 29th April 2020. Thank you to everyone sending in their Topic, Science or ICT photographs as requested today. It has been lovely to look at them on this cloudy and dreary day!

Rainforest themed additional activities- thank you year 4.

Amber's wonderful presentation of the Layers of the Rainforest for this week's English project!

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Junaria's Video Presentation on the Rainforest.

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Tuesday 28th April 2020- Thank you to those children who sent in their reading comprehension photos as requested. Tomorrow, we will be asking you to send us photos of either your Topic or Science work if you haven't done so already.

Tuesday 28th April 2020- So by the end of the school day...Leopard's have taken the lead! Great work! Come on Puma class you can do it...

Junaria's creative model of her Rainforest, superb work!

Tiffany has been so busy - what a terrific model of the Rainforest! We're so impressed, thank you!

Ola's excellent rainbow!

A beautiful Rainbow made using this weeks science experiment. Well done, Lena.

Some beautiful pottery made by Abel!

Tiffany's beautiful rainbow.

Iona's beautiful rainbow.

Monday 27th April 2020 - Thank you to those of you who have emailed us your Maths work today. Tomorrow we will be asking for you to email us a picture of your guided reading answers.

Amber has asked to dedicate this weeks Science experiment to all of the new generation heroes and all of our frontliners who are helping during this current situation, including her very own parents!

So far, Puma class are taking the lead on the right hand side in pink but there's plenty of time for this to change! Get battling Year 4!!

Jamie's science experiments, great work!

Edmond has had great fun with our Science experiment - well done!

Ola has been busy creating a hotel for bugs!

Junaria's Science Experiment

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Junaria's wonderful Roman chariot with horses.

Shania's wonderful Roman chariot with beautiful background scenery.

Naet and his fantastic Lego building.

Shania's super Science experiment.

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Ernest's amazing Lego Roman chariot.

Amber's excellent science experiment!

Still image for this video

Philips amazing Roman chariot video with excellent soundtrack!

Still image for this video

Evey's excellent cherry blossom iMovie.

Still image for this video

Ola's fantastic Lego Roman chariot - well done!

Amber hard at work this morning and dressed in school uniform too - we're very impressed!

Dwayne's amazing Roman chariot and horse!

Grelia's amazing Yoga work out - it's so relaxing! We will use it as a warm up in our PE lessons when we return to school.

Tiffany's delicious looking shortbread. Yummy!

What a brilliant chariot, excellent work Evey!

What a beautiful flower creation using coffee filter paper. Well done, Travis!

What an impressive chariot! Superb work, Jamie.

Philip has been busy doing some extra crafting!

Ola's had great fun with this weeks science experiment!

Well done, Lena! An excellent Roman Chariot.

Alaric's super rocket balloon Science experiment.

Still image for this video

Alaric's fantastic Roman chariot project.

Well done, Shamarah! A wonderful plan for this week's writing task and you even managed to fit in some cooking :-)

Luca has been very busy these past few weeks from sketching his Bugatti Chiron, baking bread with his sister, completing a 1000 piece Marvel puzzle and still managing to create a wonderfully written Roman Army non-chronological report. WOW, great effort Luca!

Terrance has been very busy creating his own Roman sword and Roman soldier. Well done, Terrance!

What a fantastic design and creation of your Roman chariot! Great work, Amber.

This science experiment seems to be a hit. Well done, Tiffany!

Still image for this video

Well done, Evey. A great chariot design, we can't wait to see your 3d model.

Lena has thoroughly enjoyed this weeks Science experiment!

Still image for this video

Spot has been enjoying his new mode of transport thanks to Tiffany's wonderful Chariot!

Great work, Lena! A creative take on desigining your own Roman Chariot, it's rather 'futuristic' as you put it, thank you for sending it in.

Well done, Grelia! A great report all about the Roman Army including your Chariot project work.

Shania's wonderful artwork that will make you smile!

Shania's amazing Boudica non-chronological report.

Junaria's fantastic non-chronological Roman army report.

Lena has created a wonderful poster about keeping safe.

Lena has been busy making delicious brownies. Yum!

Junaria's excellent information poster reminding us to keep safe.

Evey's super crafting - Buzz and Woody from Toy Story!

Tiffany busy growing seedlings.

Tiffany cooking up some delicious treats for her family!

Philip's wonderful Roman non-chronological report - fantastic effort!

Eldrich's fantastic Roman army report - super work!

Tiffany's amazing Roman report with super artwork!

Jamie's brilliant Roman army report - well done!

Iona's amazing Roman army non-chronological report - Well done!

Lena's Roman army report

Lena  (Pumas Class): An amazing Roman Army Report - a super job Lena, well done! Not only has Lena been super busy creating her non-chronological report but she still found time to make a delicious batch of brownies - yum yum yum!

Week 1 Achievements: We are proud of all our children in Year 4.  

This week our Weekly Achiever is - Evey in Leopards Class. Well done Evey for working hard in all subjects and for creating some lovely seedlings which we can watch grow. Congratulations from everyone in Year 4.smileysmileysmileyyes

Evey's Horticulture!


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