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Weekly Achievements

This is where we will upload the pictures you send in of what you have been doing. smiley

Home Learning this week.

Home Learning this week. 1 Facts about Scotland.
Home Learning this week. 2 Addition and subtraction work.
Home Learning this week. 3 Scottish facts.
Home Learning this week. 4 Reading real and alien words using sound buttons!
Home Learning this week. 5 A letter about Emily's whale in the pond.
Home Learning this week. 6 Many ways of communicating!
Home Learning this week. 7 Playing a maths game.
What did you do in half term?
Picture 1 Splashing around in the pool
Picture 2 A fantastic drawing of my toy
Picture 3 Enjoying ice cream!
Picture 4 Having a fantastic BBQ!
Picture 5 Fun in the pool.
Picture 6 Enjoying being on my bike
Picture 7 Miss Halliwell has done lots of walking!
Picture 8 Miss Halliwell loves being a photographer!
Picture 9 Mrs Kitchen was busy gardening in half term.
Picture 1 Yummy BBQ in the sunshine!
Picture 2 Baking!
Picture 3 Playing with my dolls house
Picture 4 Great facts about England!
Picture 5 Egg pudding!
Picture 6 Fantastic facts about England
Picture 7 Working hard on my fact file
Picture 8 Enjoying the sunshine
Picture 9 A fantastic fact file!
Picture 10 A great description!

How lucky I am!

Still image for this video

Beautiful singing!

Still image for this video

Playing on the trampoline

Still image for this video
Picture 1 Phonics in the garden!
Picture 2 My fantasy pet.
Picture 3 Having a picnic
Picture 4 Playing out in the sunshine
Picture 5 Playing on my new swing
Picture 6 Making fun kebabs!
Picture 7 Let's go fly a kite!
Picture 8 Working together!
Picture 9 A super fantasy pet!
Picture 10 A special card for the NHS.
Picture 11 A super fantasy pet.
Picture 12 A great fantasy pet.
Picture 13 Exploring in the New Forest
Picture 14 New Forest ponies
Picture 15 Enjoying being outside
Picture 16 Working hard on my maths
Picture 17 Enjoying being out on my bike
Picture 18 Phonics practice
Picture 1 Baking a cake to celebrate my Dad's birthday!
Picture 2 Helping to tidy the garden!
Picture 3 Things that make me happy!
Picture 4 Happy birthday!
Picture 5 Happy birthday!
Picture 6 Having fun on wheels
Picture 7 I beat my dad at the halving game!
Picture 8 Helping in the kitchen
Picture 9 All correct!
Picture 10 Playing with my toys
Picture 11 I love being outside!
Picture 12 Helping in the kitchen
Picture 13 Mrs Kitchen rescued a baby bird in the garden.
Picture 14 Tricks on the trampoline!
Picture 15 Miss Halliwell made a friend on her walk! hehe
Picture 16 Fantastic effort in Maths
Picture 17 Enjoying being outside in the sunshine!
Picture 18 A fantastic fact file!
Picture 19 Fabulous fact file!
Picture 20 Football in the garden
Picture 21 Fat-bellied monster!
Picture 22 A beautiful self- portrait!
Picture 23 Great art work today!
Picture 24 A super monster fact file.
Picture 25 A wonderful monster fact file.
Picture 26 A super monster fact file.
Picture 27 Great fraction work.
Picture 28 Super fraction work.

Practising his football skills!

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Looking at fractions with cake!

Still image for this video
Picture 1 Amazing fractions work!
Picture 2 Making a tent.
Picture 3 Celebrated the feast day of Our lady of Fatima
Picture 4 I have been working hard!
Picture 5 Showing pride in my work
Picture 6 Some fantastic fractions!
Picture 7 Happy Birthday!
Picture 8 Birthday girl
Picture 9 Enjoying my birthday present
Picture 10 Halves and Quarters
Picture 11 Cutting into half
Picture 12 Cutting into quarters
Picture 13 Cutting into quarters
Picture 14 Wearing school uniform as she is missing school!
Picture 15 A super piece of writing about the weekend.
Picture 16 Cutting into quarters
Picture 17 Working hard
Picture 18 A bike ride and a cooling ice-cream!
Picture 19 Splashing in the pool.
Picture 20 Celebrating VE day!
Picture 21 Enjoying the outdoors on the scooter!
Picture 22 Getting some exercise outdoors
Picture 23 Off for a bike ride
Picture 24 Playing outside
Picture 25 Having a Falooda party in the garden.
Picture 26 Growing seeds in a pot.
Picture 27 Can you see the roots on the beans?

Today's Fraction work.

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Picture 1 A sunny VE Day walk in the park!
Picture 2 A super teacup design to celebrate VE Day.
Picture 3 A super fact file about VE Day.
Picture 4 Naming the parts of the flower
Picture 5 Preparing for VE day!
Picture 6 A fantastic VE day factfile
Picture 7 Enjoying Numbots - it is fun!
Picture 8 Working together on their science work!
Picture 9 A fantastic clock made at home!
Picture 10 Super Science work on plants.
Picture 11 Great work on reading about VE Day.
Picture 12 Beautiful flower
Picture 13 Labelling the parts of a flower
Picture 14 Labelling the parts of a flower
Picture 15 Playing outside
Picture 16 Helping mum!

Naming parts of a flower.

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A lesson on the Continents!

Still image for this video
Picture 1 Playing Chess with my Dad.
Picture 2 Today's Maths work.
Picture 3 Spring walk seeing lots of animals!
Picture 4 Working together!
Picture 5 Making biscuits with my sister.
Picture 6 Super artwork!
Picture 7 Enjoying being out in the garden
Picture 8 Practising high frequency words
Picture 9 Super effort in Maths
Picture 10 Working hard!
Picture 11 A beautifully decorated cake
Picture 12 Naming the continents
Picture 1 Naming all the continents.
Picture 2 Little ducklings whilst out walking.
Picture 3 A very colourful piece of work on the seasons!
Picture 4 A great poster showing the seasons
Picture 5 A fantastic drawing!
Picture 6 A super Monster description!
Picture 7 Helping mum to keep the house clean.
Picture 8 Daily phonics.
Picture 9 Sat at the table working hard.
Picture 10 A super Monster description.
Picture 11 Can you guess the monster?
Picture 12 A great description of a monster.
Picture 13 A Guided Reading task.
Picture 14 What to wear in the four seasons.
Picture 15 Great science work on the seasons!
Picture 16 Making flapjacks!
Picture 17 Great science work on the seasons!
Picture 18 What to wear in the four seasons.
Picture 19 Can you guess which wild thing is described?
Picture 20 Inspired by Julia Donaldson.
Picture 21 A super fantasy setting.
Picture 22 Using adjectives to describe the fantasy setting!
Picture 23 An exciting fantasy setting!
Picture 24 Working hard!
Picture 25 Subtraction work.
Picture 26 Great maths work!
Picture 27 Solving subtraction calculations.
Picture 28 Great guided reading work on Spring.
Picture 29 Making number cards to play a maths game
Picture 30 Working hard this morning!
Picture 31 Having fun outdoors
Picture 32 Working hard to complete my maths work
Picture 33 I have been working hard at home!
Picture 34 Enjoying doing my maths activities!
Picture 35 Enjoying doing my maths activities!
Picture 36 Super subtraction!
Picture 1 Watching today's Phonics lesson on the sound 'ay'.
Picture 2 Beautiful paintings!
Picture 3 Subtraction work.
Picture 4 Learning Year 1 Common Exception words.
Picture 5 Super handwriting practise.
Picture 6 I painted a dinosaur!
Picture 7 Symbols of Easter
Picture 8 Happy St George's Day!
Picture 9 Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
Picture 10 Enjoying their work!
Picture 11 I still like to wear my uniform!
Picture 12 Delicious muffins
Picture 13 Artwork in the sunshine
Picture 14 Baking bread
Picture 15 How to make bread
Picture 16 Yummy fresh bread!
Picture 17 Enjoying the sunshine
Picture 18 Easter crafts
Picture 19 An ice breather!
Picture 20 Earth Day promises.
Picture 21 Good Friday and Easter Sunday work.
Picture 22 Miss Halliwell loved getting a postcard today!
Picture 23 A dragon design!
Picture 24 A dragon design!
Picture 25 Delicious cheese on toast for breakfast!
Picture 26 Earth Day creation.
Picture 27 Good Friday and Easter Sunday work.
Picture 28 Having fun in the sunshine.
Picture 29 Making chocolate cookies.
Picture 30 Helping in the garden!
Picture 31 Happy Earth Day!
Picture 32 Enjoying using Oxford Owl
Picture 33 Fantastic drawings
Picture 34 A super recount of the Easter story.
Picture 35 Great maths work!
Picture 36 Making Easter baskets!
Picture 37 Some fantastic facts about Planets!
Picture 38 Wow!
Picture 39 Some beautifully painted Easter eggs!
Picture 40 Mrs Kitchen made some Easter cakes.
Picture 41 Mrs Kitchen planted some seeds.
Picture 42 Looking after the beautiful flowers
Picture 43 Miss Halliwell went on a long walk in the sunshine
Picture 44 A very thoughtful Easter card
Picture 45 Karma woke me up this morning! (Miss Halliwell)
Picture 46 Mrs Masi is missing Mallards class very much!
Picture 47 The Easter Story.
Picture 48 Sentences using Year 1 common exception words.
Picture 49 Solving word problems.
Picture 50 A lovely poem about Mum.
Picture 51 A very cute Easter bunny!
Picture 52 Super maths work!
Picture 53 Enjoying a homemade chocolate mousse.
Picture 54 A thoughtful prayer thanking God.
Picture 55 Making sandwiches!
Picture 56 The finished tricolore sandwiches.
Picture 57 A super Lego robot.
Picture 58 A beautiful picture!
Picture 59 Maths work.
Picture 60 All about my house.
Picture 61 Staying safe with T-Rex
Picture 62 A very colourful wall!
Picture 63 Delicious dinosaur biscuits!
Picture 64 Super Easter cakes.
Picture 65 Spelling numbers as words.
Picture 66 Facts about Isambard Kingdom Brunel.
Picture 67 Fantastic writing!
Picture 68 A beautiful rainbow!
Picture 69 Interesting facts about Isambard Kingdom Brunel!
Picture 70 Keeping busy with Maths!
Picture 71 Getting crafty!
Picture 72 Fantastic use of adjectives!
Picture 73 Busy baking together!
Picture 74 Super writing!
Picture 75 Weekend news with lots of questions.
Picture 76 Mrs Kitchen took a break to make some meringues!
Picture 77 Miss Halliwell made a tasty, filling lunch today!
Picture 78 A super picture of a dog!