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Wednesday 17th June 2020

Year 6 Suggested Daily Timetable

Learning Activity

Morning Work



Healthy snack and exercise




Lunch and exercise


Afternoon Activity

Suggested Timings

Approx. 15 mins

Approx. 1 hour

Approx. 30 mins

Approx. 45 mins

Approx. 15 mins

Approx. 1 hour


Remember to start the day the right way! Eat a healthy breakfast, get dressed, brush your teeth and get ready for the day ahead.

Quiet Reading

It’s important that you continue to read daily whilst you are at home. Choose a book to read to yourself or out loud to a grown up. You could choose a book you have at home or use one of the books below that you can read online

Use words from the common exception word list to complete a spelling activity.


Below are some ideas for spelling activities:

  • Choose 5 words from the list and then write a synonym (a word which means the same), an antonym (a word which means the opposite), the meaning of the word and an example of how to use the word in a sentence.
  • Choose 10 words and write them in different styles e.g. rainbow/colourful writing, curly writing, bold writing, fancy writing.
  • Choose 10 words and write them in different materials e.g. chalk, pebbles, paint, water.
  • Ask an adult/older sibling to quiz you on the spellings.
  • Use the Spelling Frame website to practise your words.

Afternoon Activity: Well-being Wednesday!