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Wednesday 10th February 2021

Collective Worship


Compulsory Activity

Today I want you to try a new challenge which will test your jumping and landing skills!

If you follow this link: https://real.jasmineactive.com/home/funs/jumping-and-landing/game/dice-frenzy-jumps

It will take you to a website that looks like this:

If you are having problems with the link above, try this link and scroll down to 'Dice Frenzy': https://real.jasmineactive.com/home/funs/jumping-and-landing/skill/jumping-and-landing?v=1


You can click on the icons on screen (as shown below) to watch a video example, roll a virtual dice, gain some ideas, read the instructions and a helpful tip.



Optional Activity

There is also a link to PE With Joe Wicks, who has resumed his responsibilities as the nation's favourite PE teacher. Check it out! 


Or alternatively, you can try out Mark Wright's brand new fitness challenges instead (you will need an iPlayer log in for this):



Please remember that PE is compulsory so you need to at least do the 'Dice Frenzy' challenges. The Joe Wicks and Mark Wright challenges are optional and I would recommend you do one or the other - not both! yes


Have fun! smiley