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Visions and Values





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Mission Statement

We are a Catholic school.  All the members of the school community support the all-encompassing Christian ethos of the school and our faith is an integral part of our life and work.  We seek to enjoy and explore the world around us and respond to God's wonderful creation in praise and thanksgiving.  We want each child to know God as our loving Father and respond to Him and everyone with love.  We pray and work for people in the wider world.


Each member of the school community and everyone we meet is valued and respected.  As we continue on our journey of faith we try to follow Jesus in sharing with and caring for one another.  We endeavour to act justly, to be peacemakers, to enable every member of the school community to be able to accept and give forgiveness.  We create a safe and secure environment in which everyone can be happy, healthy and able to work effectively, so that our children may achieve their full potential in all areas of the curriculum. 


We endeavour to ensure as consistent an approach to behaviour as possible by all adults working with the child, including the parents and carers.  We aspire to be positive; praising those who are behaving appropriately so that children are helped to become sensitive to, and understand the effects of their actions on other people.


We follow the Church’s year, foster an awareness of the sacramental life of the church and give great emphasis to personal, social and health education.  We seek to nurture, support and develop each child’s self-esteem and enable them to make a positive contribution both to the school and in the wider community.  We aspire to help build a sound foundation from which the children will eventually be able to achieve a social, moral and cultural understanding of the world to enable economic well-being and spiritual fulfilment.


British Values


At Holy Rood Catholic Primary we actively promote British Values, as defined under the OFSTED Guidance 2014 which states:


  "Ensure that the school promotes tolerance of and respect for people of all faiths (or those with no faith), cultures and lifestyles and support and help through their words, actions and influence within the school and more widely in the community, to prepare children and young people positively for life in modern Britain"


Our visions and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens. 


Equalities Act


Our school promotes equality and accessibility and is aware of the requirements of the Equalities Act 2010. Our policies and provision promotes disability, race and gender equality.


Eliminate discrimination

Policies include anti bullying, behaviour policy, SRE and recruitment policy (see SEND page and Policies)
Staff and Governors are reminded of their duties under the act through policies and periodic training
The school promotes equalities in recruitment and professional development of staff and is not required to publish staffing equalities monitoring information.


Equality of Opportunity

The school curriculum promote equality. Pupil progress is closely monitored and attainment data is analysed for different groups. The Governing body and Curriculum Committee review data and progress.


Fostering Good Relations 

The school is inclusive with a diverse catchment from various family backgrounds.

The school ethos and atmosphere promotes tolerance, respect and friendship
Assemblies cover relevant issues
Educational Visits, Visiting Theatre Groups and Speakers promote equality issues


Further reading -Equality Act 2010

Our Chaplaincy Team

Our Chaplaincy Team have been very active.

Please click on the link below to visit our Chaplaincy Team News page

Respect Different Traditions and Cultures



Within Holy Rood Catholic Primary and Holy Rood Parish we value the diverse ethnic backgrounds of our pupils and families.  This enriches our school community and the whole parish community benefits from this.  It teaches us to respect different traditions and cultures and links us to the wider global community. We join with our global family when we fundraise for CAFOD during Lent, learning about different countries and communities.  

School Councillors

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Our School Councillors help to decide classroom rules


Rule of Law


All pupils involved in creating class rules at the beginning of term.

Having a clear behaviour policy that all are aware of.

Explicit teaching of right and wrong and promoting the importance of conscience.

Highlighting the rules of the Church and God in the RE curriculum, for example the 10 Commandments and Precepts of the Church.

Teaching the development of the Rule of Law in English Law, a legal system created uniquely in a Catholic England, inspired by Christian values and becoming a major influence across the world.


Mutual Respect


Our Mission Statement is inclusive to all.

Respect for others and their cultures and beliefs appears explicitly in our Mission Statement .

Our inclusion Policies are clearly presented on our websites.

There is a zero tolerance to all types of bullying, including homophobic bullying and racist behaviour.

Everybody is seen as being unique and created in the image of God.

Holy Rood Primary and Holy Rood Parish support charitable works such as CAFOD and the 'Mary's Meals' project.



Respect and Tolerance


Respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

Within the RE curriculum the topics of Judaism, Hinduism and Islam are covered

Within the RE curriculum we show how Jesus encouraged respect and tolerance of other faiths.

We celebrate festivals in other faiths such as Chinese New Year, Diwali and Hanukkah. (This list is not exhaustive).