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Picture 1 Hard at work
Picture 2 Matching habitats
Picture 3 Making mud pies
Picture 4 Excellent!
Picture 5 Getting to grips with possessive apostrophes
Picture 6 Phonics
Picture 7 Marvellous Maths
Picture 8 Working in the sunshine
Picture 1
Picture 2 Great instructions!
Picture 3
Picture 4 Great instructions!
Picture 5 Great instructions!
Picture 6 Delicious cake
Picture 7 Great instructions!

A great paper aeroplane

Still image for this video
Picture 1
Picture 2 Being creative
Picture 3 Carefully following instructions
Picture 1 Excellent work everyone!
Picture 2 Excellent work everyone!
Picture 3 Excellent work everyone!
Picture 4 Excellent work everyone!
Picture 5 Excellent work everyone!
Picture 6 Excellent work everyone!
Picture 7 Excellent work everyone!
Picture 8 Excellent work everyone!
Picture 9 Excellent work everyone!
Picture 10 Excellent work everyone!
Picture 11 Excellent work everyone!
Picture 12 Keeping busy!
Picture 13 Excellent work everyone!
Picture 14 Non Chronological report
Picture 15 Maths using a written method
Picture 16 Habitat model
Picture 17 Maths in the sun
Picture 1 Problems
Picture 2 Working hard :)
Picture 3 Money
Picture 1 Using real money
Picture 2 Try to get the scores up!
Picture 3 Concentration
Picture 4 Making amounts
Picture 5 Shopping task
Picture 1 :D beautiful
Picture 2 Maths work
Picture 3 Maths work
Picture 1 Adding coins
Picture 2 Pleased with her learning :)
Picture 3 Money, money, money
Picture 4 Maths and Phonics
Picture 5 Keep that safe :)
Picture 6 Hard at work
Picture 7 Planning layout for non chronological report
Picture 8 Learning plant names and species
Picture 9 Good job!
Picture 10 Excellent effort!
Picture 11 Adding coins to make amounts
Picture 1 Art and Maths do go together :)
Picture 2 Art and Maths do go together :)
Picture 3 Being creative with Money
Picture 4 Being creative with Money
Picture 5 Many different ways to buy items on the list
Picture 6 The coins you will need are...
Picture 7 My teachers wanted some food and I helped
Picture 8 This are the coins my teachers need
Picture 9 Adding amounts
Picture 10 Helping with a shopping list
Picture 11 Helping with the shopping
Picture 12 Guided Reading Comprehension
Picture 13 I have chosen...
Picture 14 I have chosen...
Picture 15 A great habitat :)
Picture 16 My Rainforest Habitat
Picture 1 I chose a...
Picture 2 I chose a...
Picture 3 I chose a...
Picture 4 I chose a...
Picture 1 Times tables Rockstars!
Picture 2 Ocean Habitat
Picture 3 Habitat Model
Picture 4 Habitat Model
Picture 5 Habitat Model
Picture 6 Habitat
Picture 7 Habitat
Picture 8 Ocean habitat
Picture 9 Inspired by research
Picture 10 Topic research
Picture 11 A brilliant ocean habitat model
Picture 12 Great phonics work
Picture 13 Being Creative
Picture 14 Enjoying my home learning
Picture 15 Adding detail to sentences
Picture 16

Reading with expression

Still image for this video

Reading my story

Still image for this video
Picture 1 Hard at work
Picture 2 Monitoring bean plant
Picture 3 Another one of you enjoying your bean growing!
Picture 4 Another one of you enjoying your bean growing!
Picture 5 Microhabitat hunting
Picture 6 Microhabitat hunting
Picture 7 Cooking and being helpful :)
Picture 8 Repeating Patterns
Picture 9 English work 1
Picture 10 English work 2
Picture 11 English work 3
Picture 1 The Tale of the Sea Monster
Picture 2 The Tale of the Sea Monster
Picture 3 The Derion Disaster
Picture 4 The Derion Disaster 2
Picture 5 The Derion Disaster 3
Picture 6 Journey Story 9
Picture 7 Baking Carrot Cake
Picture 8 Hard at work
Picture 9 Missing Words Phonics
Picture 1 Exploring Microhabitats
Picture 2 More bean updates :)
Picture 3 Imaginary Character
Picture 4 Telling the time
Picture 5 Creative with time
Picture 1 Another bean growing well
Picture 2 Getting those score up for the battle
Picture 3 Learning about microhabitats
Picture 1 Easter Fun and CHOCOLATE EGGS!
Picture 2 Our bean experiment going well :)
Picture 3 Being Creative
Picture 4 Microhabitats
Picture 5 Microhabitats
Picture 6 Microhabitats
Picture 1 Maths Example 1
Picture 2 Maths Example- Thank you for all your emailed work
Picture 3 Maths Example 3 :D
Picture 4 Another Star Baker
Picture 5 Reading with some company :D
Picture 1 I wonder where they are?
Picture 2 A great reading den!
Picture 1 Working hard with a smile :D
Picture 2 Keep up the good work!
Picture 3 Still hunting out those flowers for Science
Picture 4 Lovely to see another rainbow up
Picture 5 Meet the super hero/ worry robot called Spiny
Picture 6 D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S - STAR BAKER
Picture 7 Excellent work!
Picture 8 Fun with phonics
Picture 9 PSHE Reaching your goals
Picture 10 Who is your significant person?
Picture 1 Daily exercise
Picture 2 Home learning with a smile :D
Picture 3 Exploring types of trees on a walk- A willow
Picture 4 Making daily exercise a bit different :)
Picture 5 Monitoring bean progress
Picture 1 A fantastic map!
Picture 2 Great book from someone in Hedgehog Class :)
Picture 3 Some great reading work
Picture 1 Who do you think found these beautiful flowers?
Picture 2 A great effort from someone in Hedgehog Class :)
Picture 3 An underwater setting for a story. Well done!
Picture 4 Having a break baking flat bread- Miss Glennon :)
Picture 5 Our Year 2 English corridor display
Picture 6 Our Year 2 Science corridor display