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Friday 3rd April 2020




Well done to every single one of you for the last 2 weeks of home learning. We know it is a tricky time for everyone but you're doing a fantastic job. We are very proud of you blush. We have received many more photos and emails from your friends in Year 2 today. Head over to the 'Updates from your friends' page to take a look. 


Over the Easter break

I went out for my daily exercise this evening and look what I found on my walk blush 

A great idea for your Easter holidays to make people smile.

Miss Glennon 












Take a look at the 'Daily Prayers' folder on the home learning page. There is a lovely Holy Week reflection powerpoint for you smiley

If you would like to send some photos over the next 2 weeks to share what you're up to, send them to the year 2 email year2@holyroodprimary.co.uk and we will upload them onto the 'Updates from your friends' page. 


Take care of yourselves and your families.

Miss Glennon and Miss Mendham


Friday 3rd April 2020

Morning Year 2, 

I hope you are all well and even better now we've made it to Friday! laugh 

Milo has another exciting message for you so head over to his page and see what he has to say. 


Complete your final phonics tasks in your home learning pack. If you've managed to complete all of them- well done! yes


In your home learning pack you will find some assessment questions about 2D and 3D shape. Using what you have learnt this week, try to complete these independently. They may be stapled behind the timetable we sent home for you. 

smiley Break smiley

Guided Reading

Yesterday you watched one of our favourite books- The Gruffalo. Today, choose your favourite character from the story and write a short paragraph to explain why you chose it. 


The Ending 

In year 2, we know that you don’t finish a story with… ‘The End’ or ‘They lived happily ever after’. BORING! We are not writing a fairy tale.

This is the final part where you need to think how your story will all link together to make sure it is coherent. Does it flow? Is there a thread that runs through your story? If there isn’t you may want to spend some time editing your plan, adding in or changing some ideas.

You may want to draw a story board so you can visually see where your story starts to where your story ends.

smiley Lunch smiley

Reading and Spelling

Ask your grown up to test you on your spelling that were sent home in your pack. When you are finished, find a comfy spot and share a story with your grown up. 


On the topic page you will find the activity- Week 2, Mary Seacole, Thought Bubbles. Complete this if you didn't manage to do it all on Wednesday. If you have, see if you can add some questions you think Mary might ask the soldiers or other nurses.


A little extra to brighten up the day

Whilst getting our daily exercise, we have noticed many beautiful rainbows in house windows. People are making these to spread a little joy, hope and to say thank you to all the key workers out there.

If you haven't already, try making one to display in your window to spread a little joy to people passing by.  


We hope you have a lovely weekend and Easter smiley

Miss Glennon and Miss Mendham


Thursday 2nd April 2020

Hello Year 2,

Well that was definitely chillier today! Don't worry though, we've checked the weather and there's a little more sunshine on the way at the weekend for you to enjoy smiley. Only 2 more days to go! 


Complete the next phonics task in your pack. Remember to recap any common exception words you found tricky to read or spell. 


After 3 days of naming and describing 3D shapes, you are going on a shape hunt. You can do this in your home or, if you're feeling adventurous, go for a walk with your grown up and see which shapes you can find. Keep your eyes peeled cool.

In your workbook you could:

  • write a list of what you find and name the 3D shape 
  • take photographs and name the 3D shape
  • draw a picture and name the 3D shape
smiley Break smiley

Guided Reading 

A well deserved rest after 3 days completing your assessment booklet yes. Here is one of our favourite stories.

What do you like about it?

Who is your favourite character and why?

Can you retell the story to your grown up?



This is the tricky part of the week. A lot of children rush this part of the story or resolve the problem in one sentence. You need to think carefully about how you are going to resolve your it.


Think about how your characters mood might change and what the atmosphere might be like now.

How is it going to be different to your build up?

What will they be thinking and why?

Are they going to fix it alone or with another character?

smiley Lunch smiley


Practise some of your cursive 'ladder letters' or ascending letters. These are letters that are taller than the others- d h l. Make sure every letter starts from the line with a lead in and every letter sits on the line. If you are able to do these, look at the common exception word list and try to apply the join into words on the list. 


If you haven't already, complete the RE box on your homework we sent out at the beginning of the term. 


Speak to you tomorrow laugh

Miss Glennon and Miss Mendham 


Wednesday 1st April 2020

Morning children, parents and carers! We've made it to mid week again yes


There are a few new things to have a look at on the website today...

  • Some of you have sent more photos of your learning and activities you've been doing so take a look at the 'Updates from your friends' page laugh
  • Milo has another message for you on his personal page
  • Another excellent reading link on the main 'Home Learning' page- Daily Reading with David Walliams. I know he's a class favourite. 


Complete a new sound activity in your pack. If you have completed 1 each day, you should have 3 left remaining including today.  


Hopefully you are beginning to remember lots of 3D shape names and some of their properties. Today, you are going to focus on how many edges each shape has. Remember the powerpoint is on the maths page for you with information, pictures and web links. 

smiley Break smiley

Guided Reading

Complete the final part of your reading assessment booklet. The text should be titled 'Super Spinosaurus'. Remember to ask your grown up to help you with the useful words page and make sure you know the meaning of them before starting on your own. 


The exciting part… the problem! surprise

Using your plan, fill in the problem box for your story. Think about what is going to happen to your character. This needs to engage the reader further and hook them in.


How are you going to keep the suspense in your story? Think about the exciting sentence starters we have in the classroom to help you. Here are a few to get you started:

A little while later,


Without warning,


smiley Lunch smiley


You can read one of your own books or take a look at the links on the main 'Home Learning' page for some great audio books. 


On the topic page you will find your activity- Week 2 Mary Seacole Thought Bubbles. You can print this off or copy it into your book provided by school. 

PSHE- Personal, Social and Health Education


Watch- Fowley’s Wings Video Part 2 with your grown up. 


Discuss what Fowley’s dream was and how he overcame obstacles to achieve it.

  • If you can, parents share with your children what some of your dreams and goals were when you were their age. What did you want to do/become etc?
  • Did you achieve some of these?
  • How did you?
  • Were there obstacles to overcome along the way?

Then try the following activities…


Activity 1

Ask your children what their dreams and goals might be, for when they are grown up and for the next few weeks while they are off school.

  • Invite them to draw a pair of wings, like Fowley’s.
  • On the wings they draw or write their dreams and goals for the future.

When this work is finished, encourage children to talk through what their dreams and goals are, what they have drawn etc

Discuss how they might go about achieving these and offer your support.


Activity 2

You could draw a set of wings together and you and the children draw or write ideas as to what you could do together and/or try to achieve in the next few weeks while they are off school. Try to keep the ideas realistic and achievable under these circumstances.

This may be a way to bring a positive angle to the situation we are all in at the moment.

Display the wings and refer to them each morning to see if there is something on them that could be a focus for an activity that day.

Please remember this is a suggested daily timetable. You may want to complete them in a different order or some on a different day. Do what works best for you blush.

Speak to you again tomorrow and keep the pictures coming.

Miss Glennon and Miss Mendham 


Tuesday 31st March 2020

Hi Everyone smiley


Yesterday was an exciting day. I had another email update from one of you including some pictures of your hard work at home. I'm sure you're all missing talking to your friends and seeing what they're up to so I've set up 'Updates from friends' on our Year 2 page for you all. Take a look at what everyone is getting up to laugh.


Please complete the next phonics activity in your pack. You can find the sound on the following link. Have a go at blending it within words https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/resources/phase/2/dragons-den


Begin by naming all the 3D shapes you learnt about yesterday.

Use the 3D shape powerpoint on the Year 2 page to complete the next part of your task. Today, you will learn about how many vertices different 3D shapes have. There are web links and pictures on the powerpoint to help you. 

smiley Break smiley

Guided Reading

Complete the second part of your reading assessment booklet. The text should be titled 'ROAR'. Remember to ask your grown up to help you with the useful words page and make sure you know the meaning of them. Stop when you reach the next useful words page in part 3 titled, 'Super Spineosaurus'. 


Now you know where your story is set, think about how your story is going to build suspense. You want to hook the reader in, make them question what is going to happen and link it to your problem in the middle of your story. Remember, you should be planning using key words or phrases not in full sentences.

Build up

Where is your character going to travel from and to?

Is their emotion going to change? Why?

How will you show they are scared or nervous?

Will they meet anyone?



 smiley Lunch smiley


Hopefully, over the last week, you've been keeping your bean watered and in some sunlight. Last week you started making observations and recording the changes on your activity sheet. Take another look at your bean and see if it has changed again. Complete the next part of your activity drawing your picture and writing a brief description about what you can see. Has it changed? Why? Why not? What did you expect to see? 

PSHE- Personal, Social and Health Education


Watch- Fowley’s Wings Video Part 1 with your grown up. 

Get your grown up to hold a mid-story discussion and ask...

  • What do you think Fowley will do?
  • What’s going to happen to Hove?
  • Is Fowley being encouraged to achieve his dream?
  • How can we manage our feelings when we have dreams and goals that don’t come true?
  • How could you encourage Fowley and Hove?

Don't move onto part 2 of the story yet. We will continue with the second half of the story tomorrow.


Really proud of how you're all doing, keep up the good work! yes

Miss Glennon and Miss Mendham 


Monday 30th March 2020

Morning Year 2! 

Hope you all remembered to change the clocks yesterday. If you want to find out more about why this happens, take a look at- https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/37645854 . It's a new week of home learning with lots of new and exciting activities for you smiley


Find your next set of phonics tasks in your home learning pack to complete throughout the week. Remember to keep revisiting the Y1 and Y2 common exception words you were unsure of. If you are now secure reading and spelling them, move onto some new words from the list. 


This week you are going to learn about 3D shape names and their properties. On the maths page you will find a powerpoint to help you. There are some useful video links on the slides to explain in a little more detail if you need it. The powerpoint is separated into Monday- Tuesday -Wednesday slides. It is really important you don't rush through them. Make sure you are secure on the 3D shape names before moving onto describing their properties. 

smiley Break smiley

Guided Reading 

In your pack you will find a reading assessment booklet. It has a yellow front cover and is divided into 3 separate texts. Today, you will will and answer the comprehension questions about 'Fred's Odd Pet'. You will see at the beginning of the text there is a 'useful words' page. Your adult can read these words with you and discuss the meaning. After that, you need to try and answer the questions independently. Remember to check your answers when you have finished and STOP when you reach the next set of useful words. The next text will be your task for tomorrow. 

Good Luck! yes


This week you are going to become an author. Using your work from last week to help you, you will plan and begin writing your story. Before starting the tasks you will need to know a rough idea of what your main problem will be in your story. Will your character meet someone scary? Will they get lost somewhere?


  1. When we looked at the structure of ‘The Great Snortle Hunt’, we used a story mountain to plot what happened at different points. You are going to use a blank story mountain to begin planning your own adventure story for your imaginary character you designed last week.


Begin by looking at the setting you created on Friday. Fill in the opening paragraph box by writing key words or phrases you will use when writing your story. Remember, when planning we DO NOT write in full sentences. Try to use adventurous vocabulary you haven’t used before. You may need your grown up to help you.


Opening- Setting the scene

What can you see?

What can you hear?

What is the atmosphere like?

What time of day is it?

smiley Lunch smiley

Begin the afternoon with our daily prayer. You can find these on the home learning page. 


Physical Activity

Joe Wicks morning PE lessons have been a huge success. They are great fun and definitely get you moving. You can find them on youtube if you have missed any. If you fancy something a little bit different, but equally as tiring, try this and get your grown ups doing it with you for a bit of fun laugh.



Speak to you tomorrow.

Miss Glennon and Miss Mendham



Friday 27th March 2020

Morning Year 2 smiley It's Friday!

Yesterday, a few of you sent some pictures to the Year 2 email which made my day. It was so lovely to see what you're getting up to and how you are completing the home learning tasks. One of you even sent a short video of your daily exercise riding your bike laugh. Great to see you're enjoying some sunshine as well. Keep them coming!



Milo has his own page laugh Find the tab on the home learning page and see what the cheeky chaps been up to.


Amazon Audio Books

Free audio books for all children. Use the tab on the home learning page above the class pages to see what is available.


Complete the next sound in your pack and check if you have remembered any of the common exception words you were unsure of at the beginning of the week. Remember you need to be able to read and spell them.


Complete your 2D shape table describing the shape properties. Once you have finished, go on the Year 2 maths page and play the shape game. If you are unable to print these off you could make your own smiley. There are different ways to play so the instructions are also there for you. 

smiley Break smiley

Guided Reading 

An exciting comprehension task all about minibeasts. This will help you complete future home learning tasks so read carefully and ask questions if you're unsure on key words. 

You might want to go and hunt for minibeasts that come up in the text- look carefully they can be hard to spot cool.


Create a drawing, painting or model of where your imaginary creature will live. Write a short explanation about why your creature lives there.

Will it live in a dark place or a sunny place? Why?

Does it like to be in different places at different times? Why?

Does it camouflage to the environment?


This will be really helpful for next weeks English tasks.

smiley Lunch smiley


Ask your grown up to test you on your spellings that were sent home in your pack.

Can you get full marks?

Can you apply them into sentences?


What was the pattern in your spellings?

Can you list any other words that follow the same pattern or rule?


Draw a picture of Mary Seacole in the hospital. Label and annotate what it was like for her. Describe what the conditions were like for the soldiers. 


Take some time to relax and enjoy a story. You could listen to one of the audio books in the sunshine or on the sofa. 

Well done all of you for this week. It can be tricky trying to concentrate on school work, especially when you're at home, but I can see by some of the photos you've sent that you're doing a great job.


Enjoy a restful weekend, you deserve it! 

Miss Glennon  


Thursday 26th March 2020

Hello Year 2,


I hope you are well and being super helpful for your grown ups this week. Another beautiful day today. I managed to go out for a walk and found lots of spring flowers. I plan on going out again so I will show you all the things I have found by the end of the week smiley. If you've been out and about or in the garden send some pictures of the different flowers you have spotted. 


Complete the next sound in your pack. Remember these are also on the 'Phonics' tab on our year group page if you need them. Phonics play also have lots of free games that link to the sounds you've been learning about. I know you will enjoy them- Obb and Bob is a favourite! 


Over the next 2 days complete the 2D shape tasks in your pack. You need to begin by naming all the 2D shapes and then describe them using their properties. 

The key vocabulary you will need:





Challenge- symmetry

smiley Break time smiley 

Guided Reading 

Complete the short comprehension task about 'A New Pet'. Think about our which questions link to the DERIC reading skills.







Now you have met ‘The Blumber’, design and label your own imaginary creature. Think about some key features that will make it look different to anything you’ve seen before.

What colour is it and why?

Is it small or large?

Scary or cute?

Is it a mix of two animals?

Does it have wings or horns?

smiley Lunch smiley


We have started by going over the curly caterpillar letters c a d g o e. Apply these into words then a short sentence, not forgetting your punctuation. Remember ascending letter needs to be tall and descending letters need to be longer (below the line). 

Computing     E-Safety Focus with your grown up

Find the document on our class page called- Activity 1: Watch Jessie & Friends, Episode 2 or find the Jessie & Friends cartoons at www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/jessie-and-friends-videos/

Watch Episode 2: Sharing Pictures. Use the questions below or on the document to discuss the cartoon.

How did lots of people end up seeing the pictures?

What made Mo feel sad? 

How did the friends get help when they needed it?

What did Miss Humphrey say she would do to help?

Finish by watching the song again and having a sing-along! smiley


Yesterday your task was to gather a range of different texts from in and around your house. Look at what you found in more detail. How are the texts similar? How are they different? Why are they different from one another? What is the purpose of each piece of text? What is the layout like and why do you think the author has chosen it?

Don't forget to keep moving throughout the day and have breaks. If you don't manage everything in the day, you can move it around to suit you and your family. 

If there are any problems or updates on how you're getting on please email year2@holyroodprimary.co.uk yes

Miss Glennon smiley


Wednesday 25th March 2020

It's mid week!

A few more days till the weekend smiley. Another great workout with Joe Wicks this morning and still a couple more days left to join him this week.



Complete another sound sheet in your Home Learning Pack. If you need an online version, you can find them under the phonics tab. Remember to keep going over any common exception words you found tricky to read or spell on Monday.  


Today you will be applying the written method you have been suing over the last couple of days to solve word problems. Remember to circle or colour the key parts of the problem. These could be numbers or symbols that you might find useful. 

Break Get some fresh air, move around or have a small snack and drink. This will help you to concentrate and stay healthy smiley

Guided Reading 

In your pack you will find a short comprehension task about George and the Dragon. Remember to highlight key words and ask a grown up for the meanings of words you do not know. 


Hopefully you've been telling your grown ups all about the unusual creatures we have met over the last couple of weeks. Your English task today is to write a list of questions you would like to ask ‘The Blumber’. Remember to punctuate your sentences correctly and try to start them in different way? For example: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

smiley Lunch Time smiley


Draw a picture of someone significant in your life and label their qualities. Once you have completed this discuss how they are similar or different to Mary Seacole and the qualities she had. 


Explore different texts in and around your house. What types of texts can you find? How many? Can you find a recipe? A newspaper? A magazine? Make a selection to use for tomorrow smiley


Most of the activities are on the website as well as in your learning pack. Please use them or print extra copies if you need them. 


I hope you are all well and impressing your grown ups with your learning yes

Miss Glennon



Monday 23rd March 2020

Morning Year 2, Miss Glennon here smiley


I hope you all managed to enjoy some of the sunshine over the weekend and relax after a busy week last week. If you didn't, be sure to join Joe Wicks for his PE lesson on Youtube at 9am today. You can subscribe for free using the following link- https://www.youtube.com/thebodycoachtv


Please remember anything completed in your Home Learning Book needs to be presented correctly and neatly just like you would do in school. 

Remember to write the date and subject you are completing for example-

Monday 23rd March 2020 




In your Home Learning Pack you will find a common exception word list for Year 1 and Year 2. Begin your day by working your way through the Year 1 list and see if there are any that you have forgotten how to read or to spell. If there are, revisit these through the week to make sure you can do all of them before moving on. 


In Maths last week, we were revisiting written methods we can use to solve addition calculations. In your pack, I have dated a Maths task for you 23.03.20 to complete. Use a blank number line to solve the calculation then prove and check your answer using tens and ones. There is a link on the 'Useful Links' tab on the website to help you if you have forgotten how to use the methods. 

Guided Reading

Find the text called 'My Brother JJ'. Read the text and highlight key words or phrases you don't know the meaning of. Use the internet, dictionary or a helpful adult to find out the meaning. Discuss the text with your grown up. What is it about? What type of text is it? Is it fiction or non fiction? Do you have any questions from what you have read?


  1. Draw and write a story board of ‘The Great Snortle Hunt’ and retell the adventure we have learnt about to your grown up. Remember to include:

● the characters

● where they start their journey , where they travel to and where they end up

● how did they feel

● what the problem is

● what is the resolution

smiley Enjoy some lunch and stretch your legs smiley


See if you can go for a short walk around the local area with your grown up or challenge them to some activities. How many star jumps can you do in 1 minute? Who can jump the furthest? How many times can you jump from one spot to another in 1 minute? If you need something a little more relaxed, try a bit of yoga using the following link- https://www.cosmickids.com/

Collective Worship

Sit with your family and discuss the meaning of Lent and why it is important. Write a short paragraph or draw a picture to show what you discussed in your home learning book.

I look forward to hearing how you are all getting on smiley

Miss Glennon





Tuesday 24th March 2020

Hello Year 2 smiley

I hope you all found the information useful yesterday. I logged onto Joe Wicks PE session in the morning and it was great! If you didn’t manage to join yesterday, you can join for the rest of the week!



In your learning pack you will find 5 phonics tasks stapled together for this week. Choose 1 of these to complete. If you would like a challenge, see you you can write a word list applying the digraph or sound you have revised.


I hope you got on ok with your Maths task yesterday using number lines and tens and ones to solve addition calculations. Today you will find the second task dated 24.03.20. Today may be slightly more tricky because the calculation will bridge 10. Just like yesterday, there is a maths link modelling the method we use in school on the useful links page to help you.

Guided Reading

Yesterday you read the text ‘My Big Brother JJ’. Now you have read and discussed the text with tour grown up, see if you can answer the comprehension questions attached.


Today you are going to complete task 2 of your English tasks. Write a descriptive paragraph about our unusual creature we met last week called 'The Blumber'. Look in your pack for a picture to help you. Try to include:

• adventurous adjectives you haven't used before

• extend your sentences using words such as: and, so but, because, or

• start your sentences in different ways

• punctuate your work correctly using         ABC   .      ,       '       !      ?

• check and edit your work 

smiley The best time of day- Lunch time smiley


Practise in your workbook. Begin with the curly caterpillar letters of the cursive script. For example: c a d g o e. When you are happy with your formation see if you can apply these into some common exception words.

Look at your bean you took home with you on Friday. What do you notice? What has changed? What scientific vocabulary can you use to describe how it has grown? Use this to draw and write step 1 of your monitoring bean sheet. If you would like to plant your own bean, sunflower or plant at home to monitor that would be great! It is a great season to get plants growing :)

Share a story with your grown up and get your grown up to read the story to you. Challenge them... Who reads it better? Who uses the best expression? Who notices punctuation more?


If you would like to send any photos of what you’ve been getting up to I would love to see! Use the year2@holyroodprimary.co.uk email address.

Remember to have lots of breaks and stay active smiley

Miss Glennon


Hello Year 2!


Keep checking the website for work. Exciting activities coming soon smiley


Miss Glennon