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Friday 3rd April 2020

Today in science we’re going to think about rainbows! Have a look through the ‘Rainbows PowerPoint’ to find out more about what they actually are – click the link to watch a video that explains how they are formed. Then follow the ‘Creating a Rainbow’ instructions – can you create your own? If you manage it, we’d love to see some photos!


Good luck and have fun! laugh


Miss Clark, Mrs Peart and Mr Westman

Monday 30th March 2020

Throughout our science unit this term, we have looked at light sources and reflectors. This week, we’d like you to think a little bit more about reflectors and how they can be used for useful and important reasons. Have a look through the reflectors PowerPoint to give you more information and then design a safety device using reflective materials. You could use the sheet provided, or you can draw your design straight into your exercise book. Don’t forget to add labels to show what materials you have chosen and how your device works.


We’d love to see some of your designs so please email us showing us your ideas! enlightened


Miss Clark, Mrs Peart and Mr Westman