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Pond Area


Last year, Mum, Joseph and I made this pond in our garden, and there were 8 frogs who liked to go in there. We were disappointed because this Spring we did not have any frogspawn. Mum wondered if it was because the pond was too exposed, as the plants around it had not had enough time to grow. We used a bit of old tarpaulin and some old barbecue skewers to make the pond a bit more shady for our froggy friends. Unfortunately we think it is now too late in the year for them to have any frogspawn so fingers crossed for next year!



How lucky are we to have some frogs in our pond! We have two big frogs who we think are the same ones as last year. There is a dark looking frog we have named Logan and we believe he is a male frog as male frogs have an extra bumpy thumb. We were lucky to see his thumb as they are usually in the water. Our other big frog is a lighter green, we have called this frog Sam. We also have three very little frogs which we found in the grass. Mum needed to mow the grass so I was frog checker and my job was to check the grass for frogs before Mum mowed there. I picked up any frogs I found in my bucket and took them to safety.