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Planning for this subject is done on a weekly basis.  A sample of the planning is shown below:


Christmas – Family

To learn about Christmas customs and traditions

December 6th St Nicholas – Northern Europe [Polish]

December 13th St Lucy          Swedish

Children to find out from their family traditions.

Knowing Me

Emotional Literacy 

To help children understand that sometimes adults fail to listen well.

To appreciate that failing to listen and communicate well can have very unfortunate consequences. 

Telling tales Unit 1 – page 5

“Not now, Bernard”

Story and circle time discussion about the consequences of not listening, complete sheet (if appropriate) page 6 – consequences
Being with other people

To recognise and value individual differences, respecting these differences, understanding how one’s actions can affect others.

Learning to value each other, being more aware of other’s emotions, appreciating the importance of working and playing together cooperatively

Telling tales Unit 3 Peer group pressure.

Three Friends Together

Acting out the story, relating to own experience of being in a threesome. How do we make sure no one is left out?