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Phonics Pack Activities


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Show your child one grapheme at a time and encourage them to say the sound.


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Using the word lists provided in the phonics pack, put graphemes together to make a word. Invite your child to sound out and blend the word. Repeat with different words.You can reduce/increase the number of graphemes to make the activity easier/more challenging for your child.


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Choose a suggested word list from your child's phonics pack and lay out all the corresponding grapheme cards. Say a word at a time for your child to build using the grapheme cards. Encourage them to sound out and blend the word after they have made it to check that it is correct. You can make the activity easier by reducing the number of grapheme cards to choose from. If your child is able to make the words quickly with little effort needed, move onto a more challenging word list that contains words with digraphs or trigraphs (2 and 3 letter sounds such as ai, oa, igh).