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At the start of the year, we made time capsules. We recorded our wishes for the year ahead and took measurements of our height, hand span, foot size and many more.... After a fun filled year, we finally opened our time capsules and recorded any changes.

We enjoyed a Truck and Child Safety event learning about the dangers of trucks on our roads. Trucks and Child Safety (TACS) is a national safety programme run by the DHL Foundation and aims to teach children aged between 7 and 11 to be safe on the road by creating greater awareness of larger vehicles and their dangers.

In science, we had great fun exploring magnets and their invisible forces. We then sorted a variety materials into magnetic and non-magnetic.

We have been learning all about the properties of 3D shapes, so we made our own using straws and playdough. It was very frustrating but once we worked as a team we managed to make lots of different shapes.

Panther class had a lovely time visiting the new chicks, we were very gentle and held them carefully with two hands. We have learnt lots of lovely facts about chicks this week in English.

We have been learning how to use kitchen equipment safely to prepare a root vegetable salad. It was very important that we followed all of the food hygiene rules. Take a look at us using 'The Bridge and Claw' to cut safely.

Sing like a Roman.

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Breaking News - Year 3 have saved Christmas. In the weeks leading up to Christmas year 3 received a letter from Scrooge telling us that he was going to cancel Christmas as he felt no body knew the true meaning of the celebration. Year 3 carried out lots of work about letter writing and discussed the true meaning of Christmas and what the present represent. They wrote letters to Scrooge giving him details about how we celebrate Christmas and explained the nativity story. Scrooge was very impressed with the letters and here is his reply!

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'In Panther class we had lots of fun preparing our classroom for Christmas... even though the lights took us forever to untangle!'

'This Autumn we have been fortunate to learn Martial Arts. During our sessions we learnt about: self defence, stranger danger, developed our confidence, respect and leadership skills all whilst having fun exercising! We then held an assembly to show our parents everything that we have learnt'.

Thank you to everyone who entered our Halloween Colouring Competition. It was a 'Howling' Success! Here are Panthers' entries.

Thank you to everyone who entered our Halloween Colouring Competition. It was a 'Howling' Success! Here are Panthers' entries. 1

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