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Owls class really enjoyed Ugly Bug Day! The costumes were fantastic.

We have had lots of Easter fun this week in the last week of term. First, Owls Cafe opened and we ordered our hot cross buns with our waitress, Miss Kent. Lots of us tried them and we spoke about what they tasted like. We looked at the cross on the top of the bun too. Later this week, we had an Easter egg hunt finding eggs in our reception garden with it ending with a special visit from our friend, Easter bunny.

Lent is a special time where we can share what we have so we think about others and raise money to help our neighbours around the world. We did an amazing job at raising money for CAFOD on Friday as we dressed in blue and brought in a donation.

We have been learning about being a good friend and how we do this. We thought of sharing, using kind words, kind hands and playing together. If you are all of these you are being a great friend. You are a superhero! We made our own lolly stick superheroes, we loved this activity!

This week, we have learnt about Diwali. We read a story about Dipal and his family and how they celebrate Diwali; the festival of light. We also listened to the story about Rama and Sita and how lamps were used to light the way home for them. We made our own diya lamps out of clay and decorated them too.

We have been celebrating and learning about bonfire night. We learnt all about why we celebrate bonfire night and about Guy Fawkes. Here are some comments from children about bonfire night. Bhadri - "The houses of parliament, they make the rules. Guy Fawkes wanted to explode the whole tower. The police caught him in time. It didn't happen so we have fireworks." Bensar - "Guy Fawkes was trying to put gun fire powder but the police came so it didn't bomb. This is fireworks." Cayden - "Guy Fawkes wanted to kill the king so he put gun powder under the floor and he started to blow it up but the police came. Everyone celebrated that Guy Fawkes didn't make it explode."

We had a lovely first week in school! We are settling in well learning each others names, our hello song, playing with lots of new toys and where they go when it is time to tidy up! By Friday, we were getting a bit tired so we were ready for a weekend so we could be refreshed for next week to stay and have lunch too.