Holy Rood Catholic Primary School


Minibeasts This term we have been looking at different minibeasts. We have looked at where they can be found and read some of our favourite stories about them. We loved "What the ladybird heard" and enjoyed making Wanted posters for the robbers. Last week we had a go at making our own bugs out of clay, can you see how messy we got?

As part of our topic this term 'Down on the Farm', we went on a school trip to Roves Farm. It was a very exciting and busy day. We went on a tractor ride, bottle fed baby goats, had lots of cuddles with rabbits, guinea pigs and even week old piglets! After animal handling we went for a walk to visit the animals in the fields. Our final stop was the adventure playground! We were all so tired that some of us had a sleep on the coach on the way back to school!

We had a visit from the GWH Oral Health team. She spoke to us about how to look after our teeth and the correct way to brush them. We all had a go at using the big tooth brush to practice brushing! It was great fun. We learnt that sugary snacks are best eaten with a meal and that we must brush our teeth in the morning and before bed.

As part of our superhero topic we read the book Supertato! We went on a hunt for evil peas around the school and practiced using positional language. Can you spot the evil peas?

As part of our topic on 'Celebrations' we have been learning about Diwali. We made Rangoli patterns, salt-dough Diya lamps and some delicious Indian sweets. During PE, we had a go at a Diwali stick dance and made different movements to the music. We have had a great time learning about different celebrations from around the world!

This week we have been learning all about 'Bonfire Night'. We learnt all about Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot. We have been very busy in our art area,making bonfire pictures. We used lolly sticks, fabric and feather. We selected our own tools and resources. As a special treat, we made chocolate covered apples. We melted the chocolate, coated the apples and then sprinkled them with a golden topping!