Holy Rood Catholic Primary School

Press Release ....Peter Scutt from Holy Rood Catholic Primary School in Swindon has won £15,000 to realise their fantastic idea to help ignite their students’ passion for science as part of the annual Let Teachers SHINE competition.

Teachers from across the country are invited to submit their ideas to help disadvantaged children by raising attainment in English, maths or science. The competition is run by the education charity, SHINE (Support and Help in Education). It is supported by Capita SIMS and Tes.


This year, Let Teachers SHINE received almost 150 applications. Pete Scutt became one of just ten finalists who demonstrated their unique idea to raise achievement in science.


Peter Scutt, governor of Holy Rood Catholic Primary School, said “Following my successful application to Let Teachers Shine, I will be supporting primary school teachers and whole schools with the delivery of their science curriculum during the 2017-2018 academic year.

As a Science Lead Practitioner at a secondary school and Governor of a primary school, I have a passion for making science engaging and accessible so that all children feel they have the confidence and skills to become scientists of the future.

I believe that a child’s interest in science is shaped before they leave primary school and this project intends to ensure that primary-aged children are exposed to engaging and inspiring science lessons that develop their enthusiasm for the science in the world around them. By having a secondary science lead practitioner and governor being proactive in supporting the delivery of a high-quality science curriculum, children can have a memorable and engaging experience of science no matter their ability and/or background. Lessons will become much more practical and the emphasis will be on the language that the children use, therefore having a greater impact on their progress due to a deepened understanding of vocabulary and content of the curriculum”.