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Mrs Evans' Summer Challenge

Day 1 5k for 10 days challenge for Macmillan.

On Monday 27th July I began my challenge of running 5 kilometres a day to raise money for charity. I was staying in York in a little cottage. My mum also lives in York, and so for the first day of the challenge, my Mum joined me for the first 3 kilometres. We did a lovely run down the river and across the bridge, then I ran back down the river again to make it up to 5 kilometres. The rain held off while I was running, but on the way back to the cottage the heavens opened and I got completely drenched! 

Day 2 5k for 10 days challenge for Macmillan.

Today my family went for a seaside trip to a small town called Filey on the Yorkshire coast. I completed the second 5 kilometre run of my challenge by running along the beach and back, followed by running part way along the large rocky outcrop called "Filey Brigg". The very steep steps up from the beach were very challenging when I had already run 4.5 kilometres on the sand! Once on the top it was a lovely view, and I was joined for the last 500 metres on the Brigg by Chloe and my Mum, who ran with me to the end of the Brigg.

Day 3 of 5k for 10 days challenge for Macmillan.

This was my last day in York, so my Mum took me for a run down her usual footpath route. It was amazing running round the corner to see York Minster in the distance. A glorious sight for sore eyes (and sore feet!) after 4 kilometres! We stopped outside my Mum's front door after just over 5 kilometres running.

Day 4 of 5k for 10 days challenge for Macmillan.

Back in Swindon for run number 4, I ran my usual route down the cycle paths in West Swindon where I live. The temperatures soared to 26 degrees. I am a massive sun worshipper usually, but running 5 kilometres at 26 degrees was not easy. Thankfully, I had already filled the paddling pool for my children the day before, so I just had to jump in once I had finished my run! It was incredibly refreshing!

Day 5 of 5k for 10 days challenge for Macmillan.

Another very hot day today, the temperature reached 29 degrees during my run! In spite of this, Chloe, who is completing her own cycling challenge this month, accompanied me on her bike. She also carried the backpack with our water bottles in, which we had completely finished drinking before we reached 5 kilometres! It is very important to stay hydrated when the weather is hot, even if your run takes a little longer than you would have liked! 

Day 6 of 5k for 10 days challenge for Macmillan.

Today I completed a run alone, again down the cycle paths near my house. Prior to lockdown I have been taking part in the Parkrun on a Saturday morning, which is a 5 kilometre fun run at Lydiard park. As we are not allowed to run together, the parkrunners have been doing a virtual parkrun. Two birds with one stone!

Day 7 of 5k for 10 days challenge for Macmillan.

I actually can't believe I have run 5 kilometres every day this week! This is the most I have ever run in one week. My feet are suffering a little bit with blisters so today's run was sponsored by Elastoplast!

Day 8 of 5k for 10 days challenge for Macmillan.

Today I was once again joined by Chloe, but instead of cycling she completed the entire 5 kilometres, plus the additional 1.2 kilometres it takes to walk home, all on roller skates! What a fantastic achievement!! She was exhausted by the end, bless her, but still managed a smile for the post run selfie!

Day 9 of 5k for 10 days challenge for Macmillan.

Today is the penultimate day of my challenge! I am very close to completing it!! I decided to do a later evening run today to see if that made any difference to my energy levels and I am absolutely made up because I ran a personal best 5 kilometre time of 34 minutes and 32 seconds! I am not a very fast runner so this was a huge deal for me! One day more...

Day 10 of 5k for 10 days challenge for Macmillan.

I can't believe it! I have actually completed the challenge!! Today I had to get up early to run, as my husband leaves for work at 8, and we are busy this evening, so the only time I had available was 6:30 am. I am not a morning person, but I made it round my 5 kilometre route to finish my challenge! I am over the moon to report I have raised a massive £375 for the charity which I am very proud of. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. Now for a brew and a relax!