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Wolf Spiders.


Have you ever seen any small spiders which are black with brown on the walls of your house or on fences? Then you have seen wolf spiders. We have lots of these in sunny places in our garden. They like to live on fences and bricks. They also like to live by the pond to eat the mosquitoes. I tried to pick one up but they are really fast! Spiders are not insects, because they have 8 legs, not 6. 

Moth Caterpillar.


I found this caterpillar on the mat when Mum was reading a book. At first I thought it was a worm but then I realised it was a caterpillar. My Mum was about to sit on it but then I told her not to so I picked it up and took it to the bee and butterfly garden. We didn't know what kind of caterpillar it is so we looked it up and we are still not sure! Any ideas? We think it is a moth caterpillar though.