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Thursday 24th June 2021


Today the school council discussed healthy lunches. We talked about items that should not be in packed lunches as they are unhealthy, and the importance of having a healthy, balanced diet. The children were very good at knowing which foods were good to eat for lunch, and which foods should not be brought into school. The children agreed that they would tell their classes what to bring in for lunch and what not to bring in, and that letters home need to be written so that parents are aware as often the children said that their parents are packing their lunches. The school council have decided to monitor their class lunch boxes, and speak to their teacher if they spot anyone who is bringing in things which they do not think are healthy. Years 5 and 6 school council will be making posters to go in each class to help the children remember about healthy eating. 

Tuesday 25th May 2021

Today we were lucky enough to be joined in our meeting by our two school governors. The school council introduced themselves and we discussed the results of our healthy eating survey. The children gave some suggestions as to how we could improve this. They are going to make a poster during our next meeting giving clear examples of healthy and unhealthy snacks, and these will be distributed to display in classrooms. They would like to appoint snack monitors to check that everyone is eating healthy snacks, and to ensure that clean cups are available for those who have not brought in their water bottle. The children also chose their favourite road safety posters and these will be made ready for displaying after half term.

Friday 30th April 2021

Today the school council discussed road safety. They talked about different ways to stay safe on the road. They watched the assembly and contributed some ideas to share with their classes. They decided that setting the children the challenge of making road safety posters would help spread awareness of road safety, and they are then going to choose the best posters from each class to display on the fences outside both sites, in order to remind people coming and going from school to keep themselves and others safe.

Tuesday 20th April 2021

The school council met for the first time since lockdown. We discussed which issues we would like to focus on over the next two terms. It was decided to focus on healthy eating and road safety. The school council decided to create a questionnaire to send round to all the classes to ask the children about healthy eating.