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E Safety

At Holy Rood Catholic Primary school, we use the South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL) to apply strong filters and safety systems on all our school computers and tablets. All internet use by children is overseen by a member of staff and we actively teach children about keeping safe online through our cross-curricular Computing curriculum.

Whilst we encourage children to use modern technology, we also understand the importance of educating them to learn how to remain safe online. Therefore, at the beginning of the year, children were asked to complete an ‘Internet Access’ form. These outlined the following rules that all children are expected to adhere to:

  • Pupils must only access the system with their own login and password, which they must keep secret
  • Pupils must not access other peoples’ files
  • Pupils will only be referred to by their first name on our web pages
  • Any images of pupils will not be labelled with their names
  • Pupils and staff will never reveal personal details, home addresses or telephone numbers on the web or in dialogue with other Internet users
  • Pupils do not have individual email addresses
  • Pupils will not engage in conversation or dialogue with other Internet users without permission and supervision from their teacher
  • Pupils are only allowed to use the provided links. The free use of other search engines is not permitted
  • Pupils must report any unsuitable material or messages. This report will be confidential and is to protect themselves and other pupils
  • The school will check and monitor sites visited
  • Downloading of files is restricted to staff, or pupils under supervision
  • Pupils have no access to Newsgroups or any Social Media

Helpful Websites

Parental Controls

It is advisable to look at the website of your broadband provider or contact them as many of the large providers have restrictions and controls that you can put in place to restrict your child’s use of the internet in your home. You can also action restrictions on individual devices. Below are some links to relevant website which can assist you in this:

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