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Chicken School 2016

Here are some pictures of egg number three, on his journey from egg to chicken. It's amazing what can happen in just a few days!

You can get some idea of whether a baby chick is beginning to grow in the egg by shining a very bright light against the surface of the egg after it has been incubated (kept warm) for a few days. This is called candling, as in the old days it had to be done at night, with a candle! Luckily things have moved on a little since then, and we used a high intensity LED light and a mini darkroom called an ovascope. Much less chance of dropping an egg or burning your fingers! Here are the pictures from day five. Can you see any dark spots? They're a good sign that a chick could be beginning to grow. Why do you think we get a brighter picture of some eggs than others?

We're incubating chicken eggs for the first time ever! There are six eggs from three different sorts of chickens - Silver Brahmas, Copper Marans and Light Sussex. Our eggs arrived by post from a farm in Norwich, so we're hoping that they didn't get shaken about too badly in the mail! We weighed the eggs on day five - they usually get a little lighter as the chick grows inside, as water evaporates through the shell, and the bubble of air in the egg gets bigger. Can you guess which eggs come from the big grey chickens?







The 2016 chicks have now gone back to Chicken School, where the eggs came from. Here are some pictures of their stay with us.