Holy Rood Catholic Primary School


Holy Rood Primary School Staff

Senior Management Team

Picture 1 Miss Naomi Fry. Head Teacher
Picture 2 Miss Helen Thomas. Assistant Head Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs Natasha Eden. (Maternity leave)
Picture 4 Mrs Rebecca Deighton. School Business Manager
Picture 5 Mrs Charlotte Goodyear. SENCO
Picture 6 Miss Laura Warren. Foundation Stage Lead
Picture 7 Miss Naomi Barry. Year 6 Class Teacher

Class Teachers

Picture 1 Miss Naomi Barry. Year 6 Class Teacher
Picture 2 Mr Cathal Westman. Year 6 Teacher
Picture 3 Miss Laura Clark. Year 5 Class Teacher
Picture 4 Miss Katie Neville. Year 5 Class Teacher
Picture 5 Mr Alex Dunsdon. Year 4 Class Teacher
Picture 6 Mrs Luisa Weston.Year 4 Teacher
Picture 7 Mrs Christine Hopkins. Year 4 Class Teacher
Picture 8 Miss Emily Masi. Year 3 Class Teacher
Picture 9 Mrs Natasha Eden. Year 3 (Maternity Leave)
Picture 10 Miss Jen Law. Year 2 Teacher. KS1 Lead
Picture 11 Miss Rebecca Kent. Year 2 Teacher
Picture 12 Mrs Charlotte Peart. Year 1 (Maternity Leave)
Picture 13 Mrs Charlotte Debono. Year 1 (Maternity Cover)
Picture 14 Mrs Elizabeth Kitchen. Year 1 Class Teacher
Picture 15 Mrs Gemma Vallis. Foundation Stage Teacher
Picture 16 Miss Laura Warren. Foundation Stage Lead
Picture 17 Mrs Abigail Stratford. Foundation Stage Teacher
Picture 18 Mrs Cathy Evans. Foundation Stage Teacher
Picture 19 Mrs Charlotte Goodyear. SENCO


Picture 1 Mrs Charlotte Goodyear

Pastoral Lead

Picture 1 Miss Gemma Morrison

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Picture 1 Mrs Siobhan Trinci
Picture 2 Mrs Iwona Tarkowska
Picture 3 Mrs Lynda Cullingford
Picture 4 Mrs Claire Finnell
Picture 5 Mrs Dawn Pajak
Picture 6 Mrs Nichola Bartoszewska

Specialist Teaching Assistants 

Picture 1 Mrs Clare Gage.Specialist Behaviour TA
Picture 2 Miss Rachel Kelly. Special Educational Needs TA

Teaching Assistants and MDSA's

Picture 1 Mrs Nichola Bartoszewska
Picture 2 Mrs Lavinia Borges
Picture 3 Mrs Rosy Fernandes
Picture 4 Mrs Liz Garrett
Picture 5 Mrs Linda Hughes
Picture 6 Mrs Giovanna Italiano
Picture 7 Mrs Elisabeth Kirby
Picture 8 Mrs Christina Knox
Picture 9 Mrs Anna Luszcz
Picture 10 Mrs Amanda Masi
Picture 11 Mrs Julie Michienzi
Picture 12 Mrs Linda Newell
Picture 13 Mrs Joanne Viola
Picture 14 Ms Debbie Harries
Picture 15 Mr Val Machado
Picture 16 Mrs Elisa D'Souza
Picture 17 Mrs Clara Fernandes
Picture 18 Mrs Lima Gonsalves
Picture 19 Mrs Grazyna Matzak

Administration Team

Picture 1 Mrs Rebecca Deighton. School Business Manager
Picture 2 Mrs Clare Toop-Rose. School Office Manager
Picture 3 Mrs Rosa Lepore. Administrative Officer
Picture 4 Mrs Sue Karpinski. Administrative Officer
Picture 5 Mrs Kelly Doyle. Administrative Officer
Picture 6 Mrs Lin Howcroft. Administrative Officer

Premises and Cleaning Staff

Picture 1 Mr Liam Kearns. Caretaker
Picture 2 Mrs Eileen Carter Selwood. Cleaner In Charge
Picture 3 Mrs Celesta Marcarella
Picture 4 Mrs Martina O'Donnell
Picture 5 Mrs Clara Fernandes
Picture 6 Mrs Lima Gonsalves
Picture 7 Miss Lisa Goddard