Holy Rood Catholic Primary School


Tudor houses - After several hours work this week, we have finally finished our houses! They look brilliant!

Tudor Houses We have been testing our construction skills and building our own Tudor houses as part of our history topic. We are looking forward to seeing how they turn out when they’re finished!

Exploring Romeo and Juliet. We have been looking at Romeo and Juliet in English this term. Last week, we spent some time learning more about the play using drama. It was great fun and we managed to successfully translate parts of the play into more modern English!

Classifying chocolates. Our Science topic this term is all about living things. We have been thinking about how scientists classify all living things into 5 kingdoms and sometimes use classification keys to help identify different organisms. We had a go at creating our own classification keys using chocolates!

Exploring the Tudors. We have been exploring some Tudor artefacts this afternoon to find out a bit more about what life would have been like in Tudor times. We found some really unusual objects!