Holy Rood Catholic Primary School


Yesterday we made 3D shapes using spaghetti and marshmallows and different nets. Although it was very sticky, we managed to build lots of different shapes! Miss Masi was very impressed with how well we worked in pairs to get the job done!

We really enjoyed making chocolate rocks to learn all about the rock cycle. We learnt about igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks!

We have really enjoyed getting creative with our gymnastics' balances this term! We will be developing our skills in gymnastics to create a sequence using various types of travelling and balances.

Jaguars website In order to investigate theĀ  Stone Age people's diets, we got stuck in with some investigating of Stone Age poo! We discovered that people in the Stone Age were hunter-gatherers and would eat anything from seeds and nuts to fish and meats

We really enjoyed exploring colour and texture in DT in order to make our own cave walls with Stone Age cave art!

We really enjoyed making our own miniature versions of Stonehenge!