Holy Rood Catholic Primary School


Welcome to Hedgehog's class page

Our class teacher is Miss Kent

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Kirby



Here is some information about Year Two at Holy Rood Catholic Primary School:


Hard work always pays off 



With so much to learn this year, it’s important not to fall behind, so please try to make sure the children are in school each day, on time and with the correct equipment. Regular attendance makes a massive difference to progress and attainment.


Book bands 

We use the Oxford Reading Tree scheme books, that  are colour coded into reading bands. Children progress through the colours as they show that they can both read and understand the texts. Each time they move up a band we’ll write it in their Reading Record. Books will be changed weekly on a Tuesday.



English spelling is sometimes tricky. But, good spelling makes a good first impression so many times in adult life, whether you're applying for a job, writing a report or even just emailing. In primary school, good spelling is still an important part of Key Stage 2 SATs. Feeling confident about spelling can also boost children’s writing to a higher level, encouraging them to use more adventurous, exciting vocabulary.



The children take part in daily phonics sessions to support their spelling, reading and writing. Please ensure that they practice their weekly spellings as these will include common exception words, as well as sounds that they have learnt this week.


 How you can help your child fast-track to fantastic spelling:


  • Ensure they learn and practise any spelling homework.
  • Check out the Year 1 and 2 words that children should know by the end of KS1

Welcome to Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs have been learning about an artist called Andy Goldsworthy. He made lots of land art sculptures. In groups, we had a go at making our own sculptures from natural objects. We really enjoyed this activity making different pictures from the objects.

Hedgehogs had a no colour day on Monday, they were asked to wear black, white or grey coloured clothes. We spent the day doing colourless activities such as sketching flowers, making our own optical illusions and watching some black and white children's programmes. I think we were happy to get colour back into our lives on Tuesday.

We have been learning about different customs around the world at Advent. In France, they make Santons. The word Santon means small saint. Hedgehogs have been making their own Santons out of clay. Their Santons are holding a gift that the children would like to offer.